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Azure Analytics and AI Accelerate Program

Accelerate customer demand and consumption of Analytics and AI services with the Azure Analytics and AI Accelerate Program (AAAP), a proven approach to helping partners.

Accelerating partner success

AAAP provides the resources, credits, and incentives you need to accelerate demand, revenue, and customer success. Explore the core program components.

AAAP partner deck

Get a full overview of the AAAP and the ways partners can best engage to take advantage of these resources.

How to be a AAAP Partner

Our goal is to help partners decrease time to Azure Analytics and AI solutions by accelerating sales engagements to win key accounts.

Pre-sales resources

Standard ECIF for proof of concepts (POC)
Funds that assist in paying ECIF-approved partners to demonstrate how Microsoft products and services will enable certain activities within a customer environment.
Azure Access POC sandbox
Free Azure sandbox for partners and customers to accelerate Azure customer adds and Azure consumed revenue through POCs and pilots.
Appliance Migration Accelerator
Dedicated resources to drive on-premises appliance migrations to Azure Synapse, including discovery, technical assessments, migration approach, total cost of ownership analysis, and POC and MVP next steps.
Solution Assessments
Microsoft-funded engagement to assess on-premises environment and cloud adoption recommendations for Analytics and AI, provided separately through the Solution Assessment team.

Post-sales resources

Standard ECIF for MVP and deployments
Funds that assist in paying ECIF-approved partners for services that support end customers in deploying and migrating Microsoft products and solutions.
Azure Credit Offer (ACO)
Azure customer credits. Amounts requested for ACO must be between USD5,000 and USD100,000. Projected Azure consumed revenue must be 10∶1 over 12 months (calculated from start date).
FastTrack for Azure (FTA)
Engineering assistance for post-sales engagements. FTA helps plan for and deploy migration to Azure at no extra cost, for successful deployment and adoption of Analytics and AI solutions.
Solution Accelerators
Customer-proven prepackaged code ready to be deployed for repeatable use cases and scenarios.


Which Analytics and AI workloads are supported by this program?

AAAP supports Analytics and AI workloads. IoT-only projects or standalone Power BI cannot be accepted.
All Azure Data Services milestones and workloads will be recognized and contribute to the 10∶1 Azure consumed revenue requirements as long as the majority of project consumption is being driven by Analytics and AI.
Power BI–billed revenue will count toward 10∶1 ROI criteria as long as there is pull-through of Analytics and AI consumption. Opportunity ID and engagement ID should be submitted to AAAP for recognition of the billed-revenue and consumption milestones of a project.

Azure Analytics services include:

  • Azure Databricks
  • Data warehouse appliance migration (Teradata, Netezza, Oracle Exadata, Analytics Platform System, etc.)
  • Data warehouse SQL server to Synapse migration
  • Hadoop migration (Cloudera, Hortonworks, etc.)
  • New analytics (Azure Data Explorer)
  • New analytics (Operator Business Cloud Services, Synapse and Power BI, continuous integration and Synapse, etc.)
  • New analytics (Synapse Link for Cosmos DB, Dataverse, SQL, or Microsoft 365)
  • Unified data governance (Microsoft Purview)

Azure AI services include:

  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Bots
  • Cognitive search (knowledge mining, search-powered apps)
  • Custom AI
  • Third-party and independent software vendor solutions with Azure AI
What does it take to be a qualified partner for the AAAP?

There are many ways to take advantage of the AAAP. We provide funding and curated resources from across Microsoft to support Analytics and AI engagements. To get started, partners should work with their Microsoft account team to discover selling opportunities and nominate for the program via an internal website.
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Which customer segments are eligible to apply for ECIF and ACO?

All Managed Accounts are supported. Unmanaged Accounts (SMB) are not supported.

How do I get certified for Solution Assessment partner?

Partner requirements for Solution Assessments are also anchored in Azure Expert MSP certification or specialization certification.

All Azure Expert MSPs and partners with a specialization can take advantage of the Microsoft Assessment as a Service (Assessment Desk).

To earn Solution Assessment partner fees and to bring in Solution Assessment opportunities through Partner Center, partners must additionally be approved as a Solution Assessment partner locally by the Area Solution Assessment team. Ask your PDM to reach out to your local Area Solution Assessment team.

See the following for details:

Solution Assessment Incentive Program Guide

Learn more and get qualified

A professional with a tablet reclines on a couch A professional with a tablet reclines on a couch

Azure Analytics and AI Accelerate Program

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