Move your membership to Partner Center

Take action and move your Microsoft Partner Network membership management to Partner Center. Once you move you will be able to renew your membership and access tools, resources, and new membership offers to help continue growing your business.

Notes about renewing your subscription

To renew your competency or Action Pack you can confirm your renewal status and initiate your renewal in Partner Center. Your renewal period begins on the anniversary of your purchase date plus one day. For example, if you purchased the Microsoft Action Pack on September 1, 2020, your 30-day renewal period begins on September 2, 2021.

As part of your renewal, please review your organization’s account enrollment information in your Partner Profile. Confirm that your organization’s legal name, address, and email address are current. The email address must be a working account that matches your company’s domain and may not be on a public domain. As part of your membership in the Microsoft Partner Network, you may be asked to provide business documents to verify the information in your profile. Those documents should match your profile information.

As noted in your Microsoft Partner Network agreement, keeping records current and accurate is required.

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