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Let’s start building together

Migrate or build a SaaS application with the resources and support of the Microsoft Partner Network.

Inspire customer transformation with an app innovation practice

Empower your customers to thrive as they transition to cloud-native apps. Find revenue opportunities, develop talent, refine your marketing strategies, and strengthen customer engagements with the App Innovation Practice Development playbook.

Additional SaaS resources

Access dedicated SaaS resources and tools that can support the development of your application and hone your solution strategy. Connect with other partners in the SaaS community, access targeted training resources, and download assets designed to help you start building a SaaS product.

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Prepare for a certification

Participate in our interactive, regionally delivered webinars to prepare your team for a Microsoft certification that can boost your technical knowledge and highlight your expertise.

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Build a profitable cloud business

Access opportunities and SaaS resources to help you start, assess, grow, or optimize a profitable practice.

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Growth SaaS resources and training

Access interactive training, comprehensive courses, and world-class Microsoft expertise to build your knowledge base and grow your company.

Connect with the industries’ largest customer base