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Visualizing business data to help make key decisions

How an intelligent dashboard provides key insights into operational costs

The need for a single viewpoint

Community Care Opticians, an in-home optical and audiology service provider based in the UK, was growing rapidly and needed a way to obtain and understand key insights. The executive management team needed a way to get insights into its franchise’s operations through a single platform.

A scalable dashboard solution

Aress Software and Education Technologies, based in Nasik, India, developed a custom dashboard that needed to meet the strict requirements of the executive team. Using Power BI, Aress created a scalable and consumable dashboard to visualize and simplify complex franchise data throughout the company.

Making better decisions

Using the Aress solution, Community Care Opticians can now make more informed decisions leading a drop in franchise costs and improved franchise operations sales growth.

Aress Software and Education Technologies, established in 1999, is a technology services provider headquartered in Nasik, India. Specializing in delivering Microsoft-based business solutions, Aress focuses on advanced analytics using Azure, business intelligence using Power BI, big data, AI and machine learning. Working across multiple industries, Aress serves clients across healthcare, education, finance, manufacturing, retail, government, travel, hospitality, and entertainment.

Aress has been an accredited Microsoft Gold Partner since 2009 with proven competencies in software development, web development, mobility solutions, data analytics, and business intelligence.

Responding to growth

Community Care Opticians (CCC Health) is an organization based in the United Kingdom specializing in “in-home” optical and audiology services for patients facing mobility and transportation challenges. Providing free in-home eye tests, Community Care Opticians is the fastest growing home visiting opticians company in the UK.

Over recent years, as the organization continued to grow rapidly, obtaining and monitoring key insights into its franchises’ operations had become a challenge for the executive management team.

Community Care Opticians’ executives needed a simple and intuitive solution to better understand sales growth throughout the business, to find variances in sales, and to view gross profits on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

Ideally, whatever solution the team put in place could leverage the existing franchise information and provide enough visibility into the business that executives could make more informed strategic decisions.

“Aress designs and deploys highly intuitive and easy to use dashboards that help customer increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.”

— Nitin Bhosekar, EVP and Head BI, Analytics, Aress Software

Understanding needs and executing on the solution

Aress assigned a team of developers to work with the CCC Health executive management team to identify and understand critical requirements needed for putting together an effective solution.

Knowing that the executives desired a simple and intuitive tool that their end users could use right away, Aress focused on ensuring the solution featured a consumable dashboard that aligned with the management team’s stated data quality requirements.

To design the data visualization aspect of the solution, Aress implemented Microsoft Power BI which provided deep insights into sales turnover across different franchises, customer settlement types, and individual opticians within the organization.

Using complex operational data and information collected from the franchises, the visualization solution is designed to simplify analysis while providing a variety of visualizations customized to meet the needs of any user across the organization.

As Aress worked on creating a solution dashboard, the team also began the challenging process of aligning existing data from the customer’s web reports with the data represented in the dashboards themselves. Collaborating with the team at CCC Health, Aress overcame these challenges by writing stored procedures and SQL code to automatically address the data integrity and quality issues.

Achieving results through visibility

Following the implementation of the Aress solution, Community Care Opticians has seen a drop in overall franchise costs and an improvement in franchise operations sales growth. The executive management team now has a consumable and simplified view of complex data sets, providing an easier understanding of the business that ultimately supports a better decision making process, leading to increased revenue and highlighting specific areas of the company where existing cost structure could be improved further.

“I am absolutely delighted with these dashboards, they are fantastic and will be so useful for analyzing our business moving forward.“

— Paul Chapman-Hatchett, Managing Director, Community Care Opticians

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