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Learn how adding a collaboration practice can boost your customers’ productivity—and your bottom line.

The keys to creating a collaborative culture

Bring together leading technologies, business processes, and expertise. Help your customers get the most out of their people. Learn how to make it happen with our practice development playbook.

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Teamwork transformed

Introduce your customers to Microsoft Teams, which acts as a hub for simplified communication in all business areas.

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Employee empowerment

Implement intranets that enable employees at all levels to engage each other and share knowledge more effectively.

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Optimize operations

Get customers up and running with collaboration resources and best practices that can transform their business processes.

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Focus on the firstline

Provide firstline workers with intelligent tools and digital business processes they need to be agile and meet customer needs.

A proven practice-building framework

Not sure where to start, or looking for more guidance? Follow these steps to integrate a collaboration offering and expand your business.

Collaboration resources

Focus on collaboration scenarios that help partners demonstrate the full value customers need with Sales Programs & Resources to Accelerate Practice Profitability.

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Training resources

This learning path covers a range of Microsoft 365 features and concludes with a compliance skills assessment.

Get started
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Start your technical journey

Accelerate your technical skills and understanding of how Office 365 supports effective teamwork and employee engagement.

Learn more
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Microsoft 365 for Business

Provide customers with a complete, intuitive, and fully secure solution to empower their employees.

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Collaborate in the cloud

Discover the keys to assembling a cloud package that’s irresistible to your customers.

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Microsoft FastTrack

Speed implementation, drive adoption, and help users get the most from Office 365.

Upsell and cross-sell to improve Office 365 profitability

Maximize revenue growth by providing customers with long-term, value-added services powered by our collaboration tools.

Microsoft Teams blog

Where partners can get best practices, news, and trends directly from the creators of Microsoft Teams.