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Trust Code

Trust Code Training, available in English and multiple languages.

Learn about your responsibilities as a Microsoft partner

Read the Microsoft Partner Code of Conduct (Trust Code) to review how our values of integrity, honesty, and compliance extend throughout the partner ecosystem. 

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New assets to help you build customer trust

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Trust Code training

We know that the strongest relationships are built on trust. To help you create strong relationships—with us, other partners, and your customers—we have developed standards and resources that provide a framework for conducting business in a way that is compliant and grounded in fair decision-making. Learn about our stance on ethics and integrity in this training course.

Find the version of Trust Code training designed for you.

NOTE: To access this course you need to have associated to your company's PartnerID and have onboarded to Partner University. Please be aware, this process can take up to 3 days to complete.

  1. Have you associated to your company’s PartnerID account?
    1. If yes, continue to step 2.
    2. If no, please download this document and follow its instructions. These instructions will guide you through the association process and unlock your access to Partner University. You can also visit this library to access additional information about Partner University.
    3. When you’ve associated to your company’s PartnerID account, proceed to step 2.
  2. In the following dropdown menu, select your location, click or tap the link labeled with your country, and your course will launch.
    1. Upon completion, the course will show up in your “My Achievements” tile in Partner University and you may download a transcript of the course for your reference.
    2. Should you have any trouble reaching or navigating the Partner University site, please visit

Microsoft Partner Trust Code Training

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why take the training? What's the value for a partner of taking Trust Code training?
There are three benefits for your staff in taking ethics and Trust Code training. First, Microsoft is eager to do business with you, and Trust Code training is required for all our partners and suppliers. Second, we've found that business goes more smoothly when all the members of the team are working ethically. Finally, Microsoft has experienced that gaining a reputation for trust brings more business our way. That's a benefit we'd like to share with our partners and that we expect our partners to contribute to.

What training are partners required to take?

Your contract with Microsoft requires partner employees who deal in marketing, sales, and distribution of Microsoft products to participate in business conduct training. Your company must either provide regular training on anti-corruption laws and business integrity or ensure that employees regularly complete training offered by Microsoft.

See your contract for requirements specific to your company, your line of business, and employees who need to attend training.

The Microsoft Partner Trust Code commits you to ensuring that your company has "an adequate training program that achieves the appropriate levels of knowledge and skills to maintain compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards."

To meet that commitment, Microsoft requires you to identify staff who will work on Microsoft business deals and provide them with training in:

  • Ethics
  • Anti-corruption guidelines


To get access to training, your staff can log in to Microsoft Partner University using the link in the section above, or you can take advantage of training offered through your partner development manager or the GPS lead for your area.

When are partners required to take training?

Microsoft requires partners to take the training on a regular cycle or when Microsoft or our third-party representatives find partners out of compliance.

Training interventions: All partners are regularly vetted by third parties. If issues are uncovered during vetting, some entities "pass with controls." Training is sometimes part of these controls. Microsoft Partner Account Management (PAM) monitors for partner infractions (compliance issues related to contractual obligations). For Tier 2 and Tier 3 infractions, training is part of the consequence PAM applies. Some of these interventions include training. Whenever training is assigned as a consequence, partners must complete that training within two weeks.

How can partners determine their training status?

Partner employees will find the status of Partner University training—both assigned and completed—by following the link in the section above.

How can partners find out what training is available in their areas?

Managed partners should check with their Microsoft partner development manager. Nonmanaged partners should check with their Microsoft channel lead.

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