The Partner Pledge launched back in 2018 and the objective was to create a rallying cry for likeminded businesses, who have shared values to pledge commitments and drive impact for major topics concerning our people, industry and society, as a whole.

In recent years we have seen disruption across the world due to the pandemic, injustices impacting people due to biases and a clear message of warning on how we treat our planet. We at Microsoft and our Partners are in a unique position to come together, to help make a change.

So, for the next level and evolution of our Partner Pledge we have simplified into 3 themes, still based on our core framework, however we will be looking for partners to pledge commitments aligned to the 3 areas, rather than 5 firmly defined topics. We therefore commit as Microsoft and the Microsoft Partner ecosystem to the three pillars below: Growing Talent in our Industry, Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion and Shaping a Desirable World for our future.

Our Microsoft Partner Pledge is here to show that Partners Make More Possible!

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Grow Talent in Our Industry

At Microsoft, we believe everyone deserves access to the skills, knowledge and opportunity needed to achieve more. Access our key resources below.

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Enhancing Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & inclusion are core aspects of Microsoft culture that help us fulfil our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Access our key resources below.

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Shaping a Desirable World

No matter where you are in your sustainability and responsible AI journey, you can make a difference going forward. Access our key resources below.

Sign the Partner Pledge

We believe these priorities are not just the right thing to do but also make strong business sense. If you agree and share our vision and passion, we invite you to sign the Partner Pledge and work with us to help the UK thrive in this exciting new future. To confirm your pledge please download the document and, once signed, please email us a copy.

Once you have signed the Pledge you will be invited to a community forum, have access to a resource guide, receive discount off the IAMCP membership and be sent a badge to display on your website and socials. You will also be eligible for Partner Pledge awards including supporting promotional marketing materials.

Thank you

We now have over 200 signatures, we would like to express a big thank you to all the partners who have signed the Partner Pledge.