Keep your certifications active with Certification Renewal

Last Modified 2022-02-22

Certification Renewal is a new approach that Microsoft has introduced to help certified individuals extend the value of their certifications while keeping their skillset current. Historically, certifications expire after two years, and learners must go to a testing center and pass the exam(s) again to keep their certification. With Certification Renewal, those who have an active certification expiring within six months can renew their certification—at no cost—by passing a renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn. This process is then repeated annually, with certified individuals being notified via email when they're eligible to take the renewal assessment on Microsoft Learn.

The assessment will test learners on the technology updates that have transpired since the certification was launched. This new change to the Microsoft certification policy is designed to keep technical professionals up to date with the ever-increasing pace of technology updates in an on-demand, friction-free way.

Helping learners maintain their active certifications is important for partners who want to earn or maintain their Specializations and Azure Expert MSP programs. This learning path offers a set of resources to help you understand and prepare for Certification Renewal.