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Synigo BV case study

Synigo helps school replace old intranet with turnkey solution that runs on Microsoft Azure and integrates with Office 365 and SharePoint

Overdue for an upgrade

MBO Utrecht, a vocational school in the Netherlands, needed to upgrade its aging intranet to better serve its 5,000 students, 500 employees, and 13 faculty teams. Synigo BV took charge of the project.

Collaboration assistance

Synigo implemented Synigo Pulse, an internal communications platform that runs on Microsoft Azure and helps employees collaborate using Office 365 tools. This provided MBO Utrecht the environment in which to build its new social intranet.

Productivity gains

Working with Synigo, MBO Utrecht's project group collaborated with teachers and support staff to develop Startpunt (Starting Point), which integrates with Office 365. The new system helps teachers quickly locate information and integrates their schedules with Outlook.

A turnkey solution for Office 365

Synigo BV's mission is to help employees get more out of their work. Synigo was founded by a team of social intranet and workplace experts who believe internal communications can be enabled easier, cheaper, and in a more scalable way using a turnkey solution for Office 365 instead of custom software development. Synigo has been a strategic partner with Microsoft since Synigo’s inception in 2016, and Synigo operates using Azure CosmosDB and other Azure functions. Synigo collaborates with cloud solution provider partners and with customers directly to deliver its Software-as-a-Service solution, Synigo Pulse.

Synigo Pulse is a web application that is connected to an Office 365 environment (Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Graph) and integrates with SharePoint, Delve, Teams, and Groups. Synigo Pulse offers a simple per-user subscription and lets clients focus on organizational change and adoption instead of technology. It also integrates with existing line-of-business systems through the Synigo Pulse API.

Overhauling the intranet

“Our old intranet was past its ‘sell-by’ date. Technically, it was on the verge of collapse,” said Marieke van den Oever, Head of Communications of MBO Utrecht. “Information was difficult to find, and it was a drama in terms of management.”

MBO Utrecht assembled a project group, and together with teachers and support staff, they defined the requirements of the new environment. With the goals of making information easier to find and enabling more connections among the educational teams, the school developed its own system, Startpunt, based on the Synigo Pulse platform.

“We really wanted to have one place where everything came together–hence the name Startpunt (Starting Point). In addition, integration with Office 365 was important for us,” said van den Oever.

“It enables teachers to find what they are looking for much faster, because documents are located in a logical place and the search function has been improved,” she said. “We also use version management to make sure you see only the latest version of a document. And the teachers’ schedules have been integrated into Outlook so they no longer have to look in two different locations to get an idea of what their day looks like.”

“We really wanted to have one place where everything came together–hence the name Startpunt (Starting Point). In addition, integration with Office 365 was important for us.”

- Marieke van den Oever, Head of Communications, MBO Utrecht

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