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CSP fits your business

It all comes down to where you want to invest your resources, and who will provide necessary services to your customers.

Get started as an indirect reseller

Follow these steps to take ownership of the end-to-end relationship and accelerate your business.

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Step 1: Get an ID

Join the Microsoft Partner Network and get an ID number you’ll use to enroll in CSP.

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Step 2: Sign up

Enroll your business in the Cloud Solution Provider program as an indirect reseller.

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Step 3: Find a provider

Connect with an indirect provider who can help you with support and billing.

See how CSP stacks up

This useful table compares various licensing models and reveals what makes the Cloud Solution Provider program a great fit for partners looking to build a stronger cloud practice.

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Estimate costs with the Business Modeling Tool

Make the decision that’s best for your business goals. Use this Excel spreadsheet to understand the costs associated with using either the indirect or direct model.

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Make more money with partner incentives

Sign in to find out how to qualify for CSP program incentives, onboard to the incentives platform, and earn funds for selling select Microsoft products.