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Created Date: 2023-05-25 |  Last Modified: 2024-01-08

Applies To: Microsoft Game Pass Program

Updated to include The Evil Within, The Evil Within 2, Tell Me Why, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and As Dusk Falls marketing assets.

Updated November 24, 2023

Updated to include Call of Duty Marketing assets.

Updated October 25, 2023

Updated to include assets for Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition and Ori and The Blind Forest Definitive Edition.

Updated October 13, 2023

Updated to include marketing assets for new game titles: Dishonored DE, Ghostwire:Tokyo, The Elder Scrolls Online, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim (Anniversary Edition), The Elder Scrolls (Special Edition).
Renamed the existing asset State of Decay – Juggernaut Edition to State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition.

Updated October 06, 2023

Updated to include key art assets for Forza Motorsport.

Updated September 29, 2023

Updated to include Minecraft Dungeon assets for marketing.

Updated September 15, 2023

Updated to include new game assets for: Dishonored, Dishonored 2, Dishonored Death of the Outsider and State of Decay - Juggernaut Edition.

Updated August 22, 2023

Updated to include assets for Quake 2 (Remastered), Psychonauts 1 & 2, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Updated August 15, 2023

Updated to include marketing assets for Gears Tactics, Halo Infinite and Minecraft Legends.

Updated August 10, 2023

Updated to include Doom Quake and Rage Game Series.

Updated July 13, 2023

Updated to include Doom 2016, Doom Eternal & Quake 1.

Updated July 11, 2023

Updated to include Program brand logos and Game Pass key art.

Updated June 22, 2023

Updated to include Wolfenstein Game Series.

Download the Xbox marketing assets in support of the Xbox Game Pass Incentive Program. These assets are only available for use by OEMs to promote devices bundled with Game Pass using Digital Attach. By downloading these assets, the OEM agrees to use them exclusively for marketing devices bundled with Game Pass. Please refer to the Xbox Game Pass Marketing Execution Guide, the Digital Attach Resource Center for execution requirements. Note that some gaming assets require approval.

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