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Microsoft Inspire

July 9-13, 2017  |  Washington, D.C.

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Expand your network

It’s all about who you know. Build a profile that defines your interests in relation to Microsoft partnership, products and solutions. Then, search and find others who have made their profiles public to find like-minded peers with whom you can meet while at WPC or message directly through WPC Connect.

Meetings made easy

If you’re hoping to jumpstart your networking before reaching Toronto, then look no further: the Meeting Scheduler lets you view attendee availability, book space at tables in the WPC Connect meeting areas onsite in Toronto and integrates with Outlook. With a limited number of tables available, please note that meetings with no acceptances will expire after two weeks. Organizers will be notified via email two days before this occurs.

Build your personalized WPC agenda

With the WPC Connect Session Scheduler, you can browse the hundreds of sessions available to attendees to create a custom agenda. You can also find session times, locations, and speakers. Scheduling a session doesn’t reserve a seat in the room, so please be sure to still arrive early to get a good spot.

How to take advantage of every great feature in Connect

WPC Connect’s event planning tools are better than they have been before, with new features and functionality to improve your experience at WPC and beyond. Download our user guides and FAQs below to get familiar with how you can best use the tool to get the most out of your attendance at WPC.

Connect FAQ

Connect User Guide

Connect Search FAQ

Connect Outlook FAQ

Connect Meeting Scheduler FAQ

Connect Group Moderator Guide

Calendar Delegation FAQ

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Microsoft Inspire | July 9-13, 2017

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