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Sell your app

Explore your options for selling and get started on an effective marketing strategy.

Go to market with confidence

Whichever route you choose to sell your app—through Microsoft’s marketplaces, directly to customers, through other partners, or any combination of the three—it’s important to understand how each option works.

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Microsoft marketplaces

If you’ve built an app for Microsoft Azure, Office, Dynamics 365, Power BI, or Windows, you can sell it in our digital stores.

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Direct-to-customer sales

Visit Smart Partner Marketing for guidance and resources for maximizing the impact of your digital marketing efforts.

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Sell through partners

Collaborate with members of the Microsoft Partner Network to reach more customers through a variety of cloud-based stores.

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Capture revenue with ISV Cloud Embed

Our new program helps ISVs build intelligent cloud business applications, integrate with Dynamics 365, and benefit from Microsoft’s vast sales organization.

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