Get Started in the Learning Option

Last Modified 2017-07-24

Get Started in the Learning Option

Partners enrolled in the Learning option distinguish their organizations as leaders in technology training. Enroll in the Learning option and help meet tomorrow’s demand for technology skills, today.

Success in the Learning option is measured by separate performance guidelines (KPIs) designed to recognize and reward you on your reach of Microsoft training products and the impact of new Microsoft technical skills in the marketplace. Review the Learning Option Performance Requirements for details on the KPI requirements and to learn how they are tracked and measured.

The Microsoft Learning Program Guidelines contains important terms and conditions that govern your membership in the Learning option program.

Complete the business application and follow the step-by-step Enrollment Guides to choose a technical competency, gather and submit the required materials and to complete enrollment in the Learning option. View the video to learn how to find important Learning option news and resources on MPN.