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Pragmatic Works case study

Pragmatic Works takes businesses from good to great with Microsoft analytics and AI

Companies want to apply analytics and AI in their business, but often don’t know where to start

The business benefits of advanced analytics and AI are clear, but many organizations lack the expertise to implement this technology on their own.

Finding a partner in Pragmatic Works

Pragmatic Works helps businesses leverage analytics and AI with ease through the power of Microsoft Azure.

Better business outcomes and less wasted time

With analytics and AI, Pragmatic Works helps customers across industries realize benefits such as less wasted time in the operating room and reduced onboarding times for new hires.

Pragmatic Works analyzes global customers’ data needs, develops customized plans to help their businesses grow and operate more efficiently, and implements solutions on industry-leading Microsoft technologies.

A Microsoft partner for over 12 years, the company saw the power of cloud to take businesses from good to great and pivoted its practice to support customers’ entire cloud journey, with a focus on data optimization.

Pragmatic Works’ strength in analytics and AI helps businesses innovate, driving digital transformation with accelerators, solutions, and practices that empower organizations. The company engages with customers at the strategic level, to plan and advise, and all the way through implementation and managing solutions.

With analytics and AI, past is prologue

Pragmatic Works saw analytics and AI as powerful technologies to bring customers into the future—beyond aggregating data and reporting on it, to understanding it and gaining the ability to predict how their markets, businesses, and operations can work better.

“In the last couple of years, we’ve met with customers who are really excited about analytics and AI,” said Adam Jorgensen, President, Consulting, at Pragmatic Works. “We help them understand that in order to have good predictive analytics, you have to see the past accurately: you need a good representation in the data for how your business actually runs. Each of our customers is at a different point on this journey. It’s our responsibility to engage with them at their point of need and work with them to expand the value they get from Azure.”

The company has developed deep expertise in Azure engineering, analytics systems, and the Power Platform. Through consulting services and a portfolio of secure, enterprise-grade fully managed services, including Power BI, Power Apps, and database administration, Pragmatic Works helps customers accelerate digital transformation across all areas of their business.

A fundamental belief in Azure

From day one, Pragmatic Works has been a committed player on Team Microsoft. Many of the company’s professionals are Microsoft MVPs and Regional Directors. Pragmatic Works’ professionals have authored more than 45 books on Microsoft cloud, data solutions, and platforms. The company values the pace of innovation on Microsoft Azure and analytics and AI services: Microsoft adds features and functionality to its stack at a record pace, which Pragmatic Works taps into as early adopters to benefit its customers.

“We have a lot of amazing relationships throughout the Microsoft organization. By working alongside leadership of the data organization inside Microsoft, we strongly believe in what they’re doing. If you actually want to achieve something with your data, then you want it on Azure—the best cloud, with the widest variety of services that are all designed to work together.”

—Adam Jorgensen, President of Consulting, Pragmatic Works

Helping customers stay ahead

Pragmatic Works helps customers globally, across multiple industries, to stay ahead of the competition, with industry experts to move, manage, and expand customers’ businesses in the cloud. In the financial services sector, the company has worked with customers to help them migrate to Azure from legacy systems such as Netezza and Teradata. Pragmatic Works is also the Microsoft partner of choice for a number of national sports teams.

A national hospital engaged Pragmatic Works to integrate and optimize multiple enormous streams of data with analytics and AI to bring efficiency to operating room scheduling prediction and planning. Every minute an operating room is not in use means that the care of patients could be delayed and limits an important stream of revenue. The Pragmatic Works’ solution brought powerful insights and intelligence to help people and organizations.

Pragmatic Works applied analytics, AI, and automation to accounting and other functions of a large insurance company, enabling it to onboard new brokerages through mergers and acquisitions five times faster than before. The company’s business grew by 4X the first year after implementation by Pragmatic Works, for revenue growth in the hundreds of million dollars.

“Pragmatic Works is emerging as a highly capable and specialized Data, Analytics and AI partner with a focus on helping customers accelerate digital transformation,” said Simran Sachar, Analytics and AI Director at Microsoft. “Together with Pragmatic Works, we are accelerating the Analytics and AI journey of our customers to realize superior business value.”

“Pragmatic Works is emerging as a highly capable and specialized Data, Analytics and AI partner with a focus on helping customers accelerate digital transformation. Together with Pragmatic Works, we are accelerating the Analytics and AI journey of our customers to realize superior business value.”

— Simran Sachar, Analytics & AI Director, Microsoft

A winning partner

With the rapid growth of its team, Pragmatic Works’ reputation for building best-in-class solutions on Azure is bringing in new customers as well as solidifying relationships with legacy accounts.

The company’s free webinar training is seen by more than 1,000 prospects and customers weekly. The Pragmatic Works Foundation, a non-profit technology training program, helps people change their lives by learning highly in-demand skills. The program focuses on veterans transitioning back to the civilian workforce, the unemployed, and the under-employed, launching participants onto a new and rewarding career path. Pragmatic Works partners with Microsoft for events around the US.

Pragmatic Works is a Microsoft partner with Gold competencies in Data Analytics, Cloud Platform, Data Platform, and Application Development. The company is the 2020 MSUS Partner Award winner for Power BI and was a finalist for the 2020 Microsoft Power BI and Power Apps and Automate Awards and 2019 Microsoft Data Analytics Partner of the Year.

The company is continually improving and evolving its own systems with the latest Azure technologies, which makes it a respected role model, inspiring and encouraging customers on their cloud journeys.

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