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Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure specialization

Program Overview and Requirements

Program Overview

Partners who demonstrate deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success in analyzing existing workloads, generating schema models, and performing extract, transform, and load (ETL) operations to migrate data to cloud-based data warehouses and enable cloud-based analytics solutions may seek the Data Warehouse and Analytics Migration specialization.

Obtaining this specialization enables partners with an active Solutions Partner for Data & AI (Azure) designation to differentiate and position their expertise to customers looking to use massive volumes of data to power predictive analytics and machine learning models or uncover business-changing insights.

Partners who earn a specialization will have a customer-facing label displayed on their business profile, gain access to specific go-to-market programs, and be prioritized in customer searches in Microsoft AppSource. For these reasons, this opportunity is available only to partners who meet additional, stringent requirements.

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How do I apply?

Only an MPN Account Administrator or a Global Administrator of an organization's Microsoft partner account can submit an application for the Data Warehouse Migration to Microsoft Azure specialization on behalf of the organization. If you have the appropriate role and access, you can apply by signing into Partner Center and navigating to your Partner Center dashboard > Membership > Specializations.

What are the requirements?

Eligible partners must meet the highest standards for service delivery and support. All requirements will be verified by Microsoft and/or a third-party vendor, either automatically or by manual review, and are subject to change.


Your organization must have an active Solutions Partner for Data & AI (Azure) designation.


Your company must show customers migrating to Azure. Your company must also show USD10,000 of Azure Synapse Analytics Azure consumed revenue (ACR) in the previous three months from a minimum of three customers (aggregated from across your customers).

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ACR can be achieved through Digital Partner of Record, Partner Admin Link, and Cloud Solution Provider.
Government subscriptions (i.e. Fairfax) are not eligible for ACR via PAL association.


Your organization must have at least three (3) individuals who have passed the following certifications (each certification listed below is held by at least one individual).

  • Azure Data Engineer Associate
  • Azure Solutions Architect Expert

    You can have a combination of the same individuals or different individuals meet the certification requirement.


    Your company must pass a third-party remote audit. Please see the audit checklist for more details.