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Visual Studio

Productivity never looked this good. Get the job done with any app and any platform.

A dazzling workspace

Help your clients deliver innovative apps to users more quickly.

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Visual Studio

Explore the fully-featured development environment that can help improve code quality and increase team agility.

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Azure DevOps

Better understand how to plan, collaborate and get results.

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Visual Studio Code

Redefine how you edit code.

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Increase developer velocity to speed up innovation

By increasing developer velocity, you can better adapt, scale, and empower developer teams and improve your business performance.

Build better IP

Learn how to better develop your business’s intellectual property.

Becoming certified

Here are the benefits of cornering the right competencies and becoming certified.

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Enable Azure

Leverage Enable Azure to highlight your ability to manage software lifecycles.

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App Development

Differentiate your business with faster software delivery and continuous improvement.

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Cloud Platform

Your customers want infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solutions built on Microsoft Azure.

Technical presales resources

Get all the info you need to optimize your technical presales.

Visual Studio Resources

All you need to build and ship your app on any platform.

Demo and downloads

Try out Visual Studio to better understand it.

Learn and get ready

Prep your team to execute every build.

Promote and sell

Check out more about how to market your app.