Learn how self-service integration will enable the apps of the future

In this report from Gartner, uncover the investments organizations must make and the services they need to develop for the future of applications.

Gartner reports that, “by 2023, 80 percent of the top 10 integration platform services (iPaaS) will include some business user-oriented application development capabilities.”¹ Organizations need empowered citizen integrators to make the most of these tools.

Read the Gartner report on the future of applications to learn how self-service integration can enable organizations to:

  • Innovate through continuous improvement.
  • Increase agility to adapt business processes to new needs and new markets.
  • Improve clarity around key performance indicators and anomalies.
  • Enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

The self-service transition requires technical, organizational, and governance investment. Access the report to learn more about how you can create the apps of the future and realize these benefits.

1—Gartner: The Applications of the Future Will Be Founded on Democratized, Self-Service Integration, Massimo Pezzini, Yefim Natis, 31 January 2020.

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