Microsoft Syntex – Build Intent Workshop

Man in a meeting room working on his laptop Man in a meeting room working on his laptop

Investments and incentives

Partner investments and incentives can help drive the technical and workplace innovations you need to advance your business and your customers’ digital transformation. Let’s build, innovate, and grow together to make more possible.

Help your customers discover how to automate their content lifecycle leveraging the power of AI with Syntex.

The Microsoft Syntex Workshop is designed to introduce the value of Microsoft Syntex to current Microsoft 365 customers who need to modernize their legacy business processes. Through this workshop, you can help your customers analyze their current processes and where Syntex can help them find and protect information, automatically generate new content, and streamline their critical processes. Workshop deliverables include:

  • Understanding customer business needs and goals
  • Showcasing the capabilities of Microsoft Syntex and how they can be applied to the customers’ processes
  • A customized report with actionable recommendations to ensure your customer can successfully apply Syntex models to automate their critical content processes

Questions about this workshop?

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Partner Readiness

Enable partners to effectively land workshop scenarios

Delivery Guide
A guide on how to deliver the Microsoft Syntex workshop and the materials included.
Sales and Marketing

Engage prospective customers and recommend workshop activities​

Workshop Flyer
Share this flyer with customers to provide information and background on the Microsoft Syntex workshop.
Mail Template
Use this mail template to invite customers to join a Microsoft Syntex workshop.
Assess the Customer

Evaluate customer scenarios in preparation for workshop activities​

Pre-Engagement Questionnaire
Use this questionnaire to assess the customer's environment, current business processes, and potential scenarios.
Pre-Engagement Kick-Off
Use this deck to introduce the workshop, scope, and deliverables.
Art of the Possible

Execute workshop activities and drive customer engagement

Art of the Possible Kick-Off
Use this deck to kick-off the Art of the Possible phase of the workshop.
Microsoft Syntex Workshop
Introduction to Microsoft Syntex and how it can be used to improve business processes.
Microsoft Viva Topics Module
Introduction to Microsoft Viva Topics and how Topics and Syntex work together.
Build the Plan

Create recommendations and next steps for customer scenarios

Syntex Use Case & Scenario Discovery
Use this deck as a tool to discover use cases and scenarios where Syntex will provide value to the customer.
POE Template
Use this document to summarize next steps and recommendations for the customer, also known as the Report and Recommendations file.

Increase workshop efficacy through examples and test materials​

Unstructured Document Processing
Use these files to demo an Unstructured Document Processing Model with Syntex.
Structured Document Processing
Use these files to demo a Structured Document Processing model with Syntex.