Two industrial workers working on a tablet Two industrial workers working on a tablet

Digital transformation

Learn what’s driving modern business and how to seize the opportunity.

Illustration of number 60% with cloud

By 2020, 60 percent of enterprises will develop and implement an organizational digital platform strategy.

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IDC estimates the economic value of digital transformation to be USD20 trillion, or more than 20 percent of global GDP.

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By 2019, digitally transformed organizations will earn at least 45 percent of revenue from new business models.

The four keys to digital transformation

To succeed in a cloud-first world, business leaders must embrace new ways of connecting people, data, and processes to create value for customers.

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Engage customers

Strengthen customer acquisition and loyalty using a smart platform that enables personalized experiences.

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Empower employees

Boost team productivity with solutions that support mobile teamwork and flexible workstyles.

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Optimize operations

Drive efficiencies with a cloud platform that optimizes operations and accelerates responsiveness.

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Transform products

Create new revenue opportunities using intelligent technology to innovate products and processes.

Industry solutions

Check out the tailored solutions available to help guide your customers’ digital transformation.