Sample customer reference email

Have you requested a customer reference to help you satisfy one of the Microsoft Partner Network competency requirements? On this page is an example of the customer reference email that Microsoft will send to your customer reference candidates.

Gather references to meet competency requirements

The appropriate customer and partner information will be added, and the email will be translated into the language that you select during the reference request process through the Partner Membership Center.

[Subject line] Customer Reference Request

A business partner that has worked with you has requested your organization provide a customer reference to help them meet one of the Microsoft competency requirements.

To qualify for a Microsoft competency, Microsoft partners must demonstrate their experience by providing customer references for recently completed projects. We recognize partners who achieve Microsoft silver or gold competencies according to proven capabilities, or skills in delivering specific industry solutions. This enables customers like you to easily identify solution providers whose experience and skills best match your business needs.

We appreciate your assistance in approving this customer reference for your business partner. Please access, review, and verify the information.

The details of your response will be confidential, and will not be shared with your business partner. Your organization’s name will not be used publicly as a reference without your permission.

If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact your business partner.

Warm regards,
The Microsoft Partner Network Team