Training for Azure Solution Architect Expert (Transition Exam AZ-302)

Last Modified 2018-10-08

This learning path directs you to the MOOC courses you need to be ready for the Azure Solution Architect “transition” exam. (MOOC stands for massively open online courses.) PLEASE NOTE: This course on only allows for registration using your MSA email account. The MSA account is the personal email account you use to sign in to Microsoft services like Hotmail, Skype or Xbox. Please follow these steps to access this course: 1. On a separate tab in your browser, go to Open EdX ( and click the “sign in” button to register with your MSA account. 2. On this learning path page, click the course you want to access. 3. You will then be taken to the Open EdX “about” page for that course, where you can click the “enroll” button. 4. Once you are enrolled, you will see the course in your Open EdX dashboard and you can then view and consume the course. The transition exam offers a way to earn the new Azure Solution Architect Certification (at the Associate level) without taking the pair of new Azure Solution Architect exams. Here’s how it works: partners who have passed exam 70-535 have achieved a solid baseline of Azure knowledge. The transition exam covers the delta between 70-535 and what we expect people who earn the new certification to be able to do. Thus, if you successfully pass both 70-535 and AZ-302, you will earn the Azure Solution Architect Certification (at the Associate level).

The content domains assessed in the new role-based certifications are centered on a thorough job task analysis (JTA) that was done to truly understand the skills required to be successful in this job role. After compiling that list of skills, we narrowed it down to what would be measured in the certification process. If you have passed the existing exam (70-535), we want to recognize your accomplishment and offer you a shorter path to certification through the transition exam process.

The transition exam is intended for people who have already demonstrated skills in the content domain by passing the existing exam (70-535). We don’t want to retest people on the same content where they have already demonstrated competence. Transition exams include net new content, content that wasn’t covered in enough depth, and content on aspects of the technology that have likely changed since someone took the exam. As a result, the transition exam is not shorter than a typical exam, but is focused on the key tasks and skills that were not covered in 70-535.

NOTE: the website where you’ll register for AZ-302 states that this exam will retire March 31, 2019—but MPN partners will be able to take AZ-302 *until June 30, 2019*. Please direct any questions about the transition exam to