Microsoft Security Immersion Workshop: Secure Hybrid Cloud

Last Modified 2021-04-28

The Secure Hybrid Cloud Immersion Workshop provides customers with a comprehensive overview and hands-on experience of the Microsoft Defender for Cloud products.

Through this event customers will learn and experience how Microsoft Defender for Cloud enables customers to:
•Assess and visualize the security state of resources in Azure, on-premises, and in other clouds with Secure Score in Microsoft Defender for Cloud.
•Simplify enterprise compliance and view customer’s compliance against regulatory requirements.
•Use AI and automation to cut through false alarms, quickly identify threats, and streamline threat investigation.
•Protect all hybrid cloud workloads with Microsoft Defender for Cloud.
•Protect hybrid data that’s hosted in Azure, on-premises, or in other clouds.
•Scan container images for vulnerabilities in Azure Container Registry. Protect Azure Kubernetes Service instances.
•Safeguard Windows servers and clients and protect Linux servers. Assess vulnerabilities in VMs.
•Monitor the security state of hybrid cloud workloads via one console. Use Azure Arc to extend coverage to workloads outside Azure.

The Event is partner-delivered, focus on customers who: (1) have undergone the Azure migration journey and are now interested in understanding how they can keep their cloud infrastructure secure, and (2) who are undergoing an Azure migration journey and want to ensure that cloud security is addressed at the time of migration.