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Microsoft Inspire is where our partners from around the world unite to create connections, empower possibilities, build their businesses, and celebrate success. As we embark on our first digital experience together, you’ll have opportunities to strengthen existing relationships and establish new ones, create new ways of serving our customers, partner on business growth, and help each other thrive in these unprecedented times.

Every partner looking for unmatched possibilities to network with other successful partners, identify new business opportunities, and interact with industry experts, should attend Microsoft Inspire. The digital event will empower you with the information you need to create lasting relationships with your customers and to provide them with unsurpassed support.

Microsoft Inspire is our largest and most comprehensive partner networking event of the year, offering nearly unlimited opportunities for you to forge new connections by interacting with successful global partners, important industry leaders, and influential Microsoft experts from around the world.

During the Microsoft Inspire digital event, you can expect to:

  • Build upon existing relationships and create new, meaningful business connections with thousands of partners from more than 130 countries
  • Learn how to better align your business with Microsoft during the year ahead and why doing so can benefit your customers
  • Join Microsoft executives, innovators, and IT experts for informative and inspiring Key Segmentpresentations
  • Attend workshops, panels, and sessions that can help you develop more effective sales and marketing strategies

Many exciting changes are being made to ensure that this year’s event experience offers the exciting opportunities to connect, empower, and celebrate that have made Microsoft Inspire our largest and most comprehensive partner networking event year after year. The main changes include:

  • Microsoft Inspire will be a digital-only event experience
  • There will be no cost to attend
Please watch for further announcements and check for updated information.
Yes, the Key Segment presentations will be live-streamed as part of the digital event. The specific details are still being confirmed, so watch for event announcements via email and social channel feeds.
Microsoft Inspire 2019 Corenote presentations and sessions can be found here

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