Enable Frontline – Build Intent Workshop

Discover your customers' unique business challenges and demonstrate how they can transform the frontline experience with solutions that improve engagement, efficiency, and security.

As the hub for teamwork, Microsoft Teams is designed to help organizations improve collaboration and increase efficiency by automating key business processes. With the Enable Frontline Workshop, customers will work through various frontline worker challenges and pain points to identify top prioritized scenarios for their frontline workforce. Deliverables include:

  • An assessment of the frontline pain points
  • Tools to help build detailed personas with real world needs
  • An actionable plan to drive deployment and next steps

Questions about this workshop?

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Partner Readiness

Enable partners to effectively land workshop scenarios.

Enable Frontline Workshop Delivery Guide
Delivery guide on how to deliver the Enable Frontline Workshop.
Sales and Marketing

Engage prospective customers and recommend workshop activities.

Customer Flyer
Customizable template of the workshop summary.
Enable Frontline Email Template
Customizable email template to engage customers.
Introduction to Frontline Opportunities
Showcases value proposition of frontline solutions.
Assess the Customer

Evaluate customer scenarios in preparation for workshop activities.

Pre-Engagement Kick-Off
Introduction to the workshop, scope, module selection, deliverables.
Pre-Engagement Questionnaire
Pre-engagement questionnaire on customer environment and scenarios.
[Optional] Floor Walk with Frontline Workers
Conduct a floor walk with frontline managers/workers to identify daily pain points and needs.
Art of the Possible

Execute workshop activities and drive customer engagement.

Art of the Possible Kick-Off
Kick-Off meeting for Art of the Possible phase of the workshop.
Enhance Communications and Collaboration
Showcase how to unify team and 1:1 communication on one platform with Microsoft Teams.
Increase Frontline Operational Efficiency
Showcase how to automate business processes, enhance shift and task management, and show how to connect to LOB apps and industry devices.
Transform Employee Experience
Showcase how to build communities, create company-wide dialogue, and accelerate onboarding and upskilling.
Safeguard Your Business
Showcase how to simplify deployment and manage at scale, secure identities, emails, apps, and endpoints across platform.
Empower with Devices - Guide to Walkie Talkie
Introduce Walkie Talkie in Retail and Manufacturing scenarios.
Empower with Devices – Surface for Frontline
Introduce Surface and Surface portfolio for frontline, discuss deployment & management, security and sustainability of Surface devices.
Frontline in Retail
Showcase how to empower Frontline Workers in Retail industry.
Frontline in Manufacturing
Showcase how to empower Frontline Workers in Manufacturing industry.
Frontline in Financial Services
Showcase how to empower Frontline Workers in Financial Services industry.
Frontline in Healthcare
Showcase how to empower Frontline Workers in Healthcare.
Frontline in Government
Showcase how to empower Frontline Workers in Government.
Teams Accessibility for Frontline
Showcase how Teams solutions empower diverse workforce.
Build the Plan

Create recommendations and next steps for customer scenarios.

Build the Plan Kick-Off
Kick-Off meeting for the Build the Plan phase of the workshop.
Scenario Analysis and Prioritization
Use this scenario analysis framework to identify pain points and use cases.
Adoption and Change Management
Drive Adoption of frontline solutions with communication, training and awareness strategy.
POE Template
Proof of Execution of the workshop completion, also known as the Report and Recommendations file.

Increase workshop efficacy through examples and test materials.

Demos and CIEs
Guided simulations and immersion experiences for frontline scenarios.
BDM Scenario Cards
Various scenario cards to showcase to Business Decision Makers.
Industry Scenario Cards
Scenario cards for Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing and Retail industry.
Man in a meeting room working on his laptop Man in a meeting room working on his laptop

Investments and incentives

Partner investments and incentives can help drive the technical and workplace innovations you need to advance your business and your customers’ digital transformation. Let’s build, innovate, and grow together to make more possible.