As the world moves toward a more global, interconnected marketplace, Microsoft and our partners have unprecedented opportunity to engage customers with innovative cloud solutions. From initial cloud migration to building within our existing cloud environment, partnership with Microsoft can take many forms and focus on any phase of the customer journey. We can help connect partners with global customers, recommend local product experts, solve technical issues, and manage data from expanding markets. Microsoft is eager to invest in new ideas and to support you in reaching the right customers with your services.  

Today, we are highlighting recent partner successes that demonstrate just a few of the benefits that partners can offer customers.  

Migrating to the cloud 

Moving to the cloud is a major step for any business, and customers often come to the process with varying levels of understanding of what they want or need. By engaging with the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, customers can find the right partner for their needs. For example, a partner with technical capabilities and experience in Microsoft Azure, who will guide them through the initial phase of the cloud journey: assessing their current environment, recommending changes, and upskilling internal IT staff. This creates a strong foundation for the customer to explore other Microsoft offerings as they reimagine what is possible. 

Olikka, an Australia-based partner specializing in cloud-based, modern workplace solutions, was connected by their local Microsoft team with Joval Wine Group to support cloud migration. Joval sought to make its IT infrastructure more scalable and secure, and wanted to use Azure to integrate with their existing systems. Olikka reviewed their current infrastructure and laid out a plan for moving workloads and apps to the cloud in under nine months. Through this process, the Olikka team also identified servers that could be repurposed or shut down, reducing Joval’s overall server fleet by two-thirds and their infrastructure costs by about 40 percent. With all their infrastructure now in the cloud, Joval can now look to the future and grow their business through continued partnerships with Olikka and Microsoft. Read more about Olikka and the work they delivered. 

Building with Microsoft 

A benefit of partnering with Microsoft is the ability to engage with our in-house resources when designing and building solutions directly within Azure or other proprietary programs. By making our product specialists available and offering access to the full technology stack, we are committed to removing barriers to innovation. This close collaboration results in brand-new solutions that offer faster, more flexible responses to customer needs.  

Since 2012, Microsoft partner BindTuning has been empowering workplaces with easy-to-use, code-free intranet products. As many organizations turned to Teams to support their remote workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic, BindTuning had the idea to develop customized templates to streamline processes and drive collaboration within the Teams platform. With Microsoft hands-on support, they designed templates by scenario and industry, crafting solutions for the business, healthcare, and education sectors. Partnering with Microsoft gave BindTuning access to highly specialized technical support, and the larger partner network provided valuable feedback throughout the process. Together, we have been able to improve the experience for remote workers around the globe. Read more about BindTuning here

Bentley Systems is another partner providing innovative software solutions using Microsoft technology. By looking to the future and pushing boundaries, Bentley has grown from a leader in computer-aided design and drafting to modeling and geographic information systems (GIS) and IoT—and is now producing best-in-class 4D digital twins. A Microsoft partner since 1984, our relationship allows Bentley’s teams complete Azure access so that they can continuously incorporate new capabilities. With solutions now being used in more than 170 countries, Bentley and Microsoft are continuing to deepen our collaboration at each stage of the partner journey: co-developing, co-marketing, and co-selling. Read more about the solution from Bentley Systems here.  

User-friendly data management 

As businesses upscale their cloud technologies and broaden their markets, they are receiving more data than ever before. Microsoft partners are well positioned and prepared to help customers manage and make sense of this new influx of information, crafting user-friendly dashboards and drawing out insights with programs like Azure and Microsoft BI.  

o9 Solutions is helping businesses unify their siloed data through an AI-powered platform built in Azure. Their solution brings together multiple innovations into one platform, including graph-based modelling, scenario planning algorithms, collaborative portals, easy-to-use interfaces, and cloud-based delivery. The global reach of Azure makes it easy to deploy solutions anywhere in the world, while partnership with Microsoft helps integrate other applications and world-class security. Additionally, building within an established platform means that o9 doesn’t have to manage its own infrastructure. This fusion of Microsoft technologies and o9’s solutions will continue to empower organizations with improved access to their data, informing forecasting and decision-making. Learn more here

Transcosmos also leverages Microsoft software to make sense of disparate data, specializing in managing e-commerce data. Using Microsoft Power BI, they work with clients to custom-build data dashboards that visualize data insights and enable quicker, smarter decisions. Like other solutions built in Microsoft cloud, transcomos’ dashboard offers best-in-class protection for customers’ data and unmatched scalability for future growth. Read more here

The partner community is diverse, and opportunities unlimited. By bringing together insights and expertise from local and global markets, we can continue to drive business forward together. We know all of our partners are contributing to success stories like these every day, and look forward to continuing to invest in your solutions. 


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