Our guest contributor for this blog is Regina Johnson, BPGI Global Strategy Director, with contributions from Raamel Mitchell, BPGI Global Director of Business Development.

Collaborative success in the Microsoft partner ecosystem

In a world where technology shapes our everyday lives, entrepreneurs in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program exemplify innovation, leveraging Microsoft technology to deliver outstanding customer solutions and services through partnership. The Microsoft partner ecosystem is a testament to the transformative power of collaboration as a proven pathway to success. The FY23 Catalyst Accelerator is a prime example, with a cohort model developed with the Black Channel Partner Alliance (BCPA), the Microsoft Black Partner Growth Initiative (BPGI), and AppMeetup. This cohort brought together partners excelling in several industries and building on the Microsoft industry clouds.  Their expertise in leveraging Microsoft technologies has led to advancements in their respective fields As they continue their journey, these partners are part of a larger global partner ecosystem, working alongside thousands of partners who are all pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the tech world.

Whether you’re a small tech firm or a large enterprise, the key takeaway is this: through partner-to-partner (P2P) collaborations, you can expand your expertise, access new markets, and drive innovative solutions. This blog celebrates achievements of some U.S.-based partners and invites partners to continue collaborating with other partners within the Microsoft partner ecosystem, where partnerships can amplify potential and drive mutual success.

Spotlight on partner achievements

Join Microsoft in celebrating a few partner achievements from a recent cohort! What stands out in these achievements is the emphasis on P2P relationships. Several partners within the cohort collaborated to go after bigger deals together to offer integrated, innovative solutions and deliver customer success. Partners also shared best practices, learned from each other to expand their reach, enhanced their offerings, and drove growth working together and individually.

Defense and Intelligence

TechAxia (Aurora, CO) has been instrumental in enhancing cybersecurity measures in the Defense Industrial Base. Their work on Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance for defense contractors using Microsoft Security solutions showcases their commitment to protecting critical data in sensitive environments. Grindstone PBC (College Park, MD) focuses on cybersecurity, utilizing Infrastructure solutions to empower organizations against digital threats.


Onit Management Consulting (Seattle, WA) recently led an organizational transformation project for a government agency, utilizing Microsoft M365 and Lean Six Sigma business process optimization methodologies. Their approach streamlined the agency's customer-facing delivery processes and methods, enhancing organizational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Lucidus Solutions (Baltimore, MD) successfully emphasizes Health-Information Technology and Business Intelligence with Modern Workplace, Data & AI, and Dynamics Business Apps, providing technology solutions for government customers in life sciences. Redd Solutions (Greenbelt, MD) partners with government agencies, commercial enterprises, and nonprofits across the United States to foster digital transformation and enable cutting-edge services in Modern Work, Business Applications, and Digital & App Innovation solutions. Molaprise (New York, NY) drives outcomes across SMBs, enterprises, and government agencies (SLED & FED) with Microsoft Azure, Business Applications (Dynamics 365 and Business Central), and Power Platforms.


Cyproteck (Hartford, CT) is a standout in healthcare cybersecurity. They recently developed a comprehensive security system for a healthcare provider, integrating Modern Work and Microsoft Azure capabilities. This system protects patient data and streamlines staff communication, demonstrating Cyproteck's proficiency in securing sensitive information and systems. Chamco Digital (Sugar Land, TX) leverages Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365 for secure data migration, particularly in EPIC EHR cloud solutions. Bubble Cloud (Silver Spring, MD) provides consulting services across various sectors, including healthcare and legal, using Modern Workplace, Infrastructure, Security, and Business Applications, including Power Pages and Power Apps.

Manufacturing and Energy

Ectron Corporation (San Diego, CA) has developed a solution for use in manufacturing to optimize operations and increase efficiency using Microsoft Data & AI and Digital & App Innovation tools. Their solution analyzes real-time data to predict and prevent equipment failures and improve yield/throughput and energy usage to significantly reduce downtime and operational costs for sustainable manufacturing. Ludia Consulting (Portland, OR) enhances physical operations in several industries, including manufacturing, energy, and professional services, through specialization in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications.


NetAesthetics (Washington, DC) is revolutionizing tech with their dual-specialty approach. Along with other focuses in healthcare and cybersecurity, they also developed an AI-powered learning platform using Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services, which personalizes educational content, demonstrating their prowess in merging technology with education. Cleanster, Inc. (Austin, TX) connects property owners with cleaning services in real estate and property management, using Digital & App Innovation and Business Applications. CyDeploy (Baltimore, MD) uses AI/ML as a co-pilot for de-risking technology changes, providing patent-pending solutions built on the Microsoft Azure platform. Seer Strategic Solutions (Las Vegas, NV) develops digital transformation strategies and supported end users with training and change management for Microsoft Modern Work and Business Applications. RMON Networks (Hampstead, NH) ensures robust IT environments in the public sector, utilities, and enterprise SMB by specializing in infrastructure and security. WORKOPTI (Atlanta, GA) offers strategic business management across multiple sectors, using Data & AI, Digital & App Innovation, and Business Applications. Ntegral (Atlanta, GA) has sold over 22,000 product downloads in the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace and enhances business efficiency across various industries with Infrastructure and Digital & App Innovation.

Invitation to collaborate

As we celebrate these partners' achievements, we invite you to explore the possibilities within the Microsoft partner ecosystem. Whether through P2P networking, connecting with the broader community, or leveraging resources, a world of opportunity is waiting to be discovered.

Calls to action

The partner ecosystem is rich with opportunities. By embracing the power of partnership and focusing on customer-centric solutions, we can all achieve more together. Join us in this journey of innovation and growth.


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