Our guest contributor for this blog, Simran Sachar, is Director Analytics & AI  in One Commercial Partner. Simran leads Analytics & AI Solutions strategy and go to market for all partners.

In an evolving digital economy, analytics is emerging as a critical capability to create strategic business value, growth and resilience for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

At Microsoft, our priority is to empower organizations with limitless data and analytics capabilities that enable organizations to build the predictive and analytical path required to digitally transform.

We have a unique, symbiotic relationship with our partners that has been built and continually refined over decades. Together, we can shape the future and accelerate organizations' journey to be analytic businesses and achieve resilience and growth.

We see strong overall growth and accelerated uptake in our analytics business and partners are key to our growth momentum. Today, over 800 partners with over 1,400 solutions co-sell with Microsoft to help customers achieve superior business value and better performance through joint analytics solutions. Some examples of solution scenarios include:

  • Driving limitless scale by migrating legacy analytics systems and data marts.
  • Reducing project development time with a unified experience for all data professionals.
  • Delivering powerful insights across all types of data with code-free AI and machine learning.
  • Providing advanced security and privacy to protect sensitive data in real-time.

With this opportunity in mind, we are excited to share new Customer Growth Incentive and Analytics on Microsoft Azure partner campaign resources to help you create opportunities, accelerate engagement, and grow value across the customer journey.

Journey: create, accelerate, and grow

By driving these three simple steps of the customer journey, partners can accelerate customer growth, resilience and build analytics capabilities for the future.

Create opportunity with Microsoft Azure Immersion workshops for Analytics. These workshops help customers develop their skills and uncover business growth opportunities by hosting one-day workshops on Analytics on Microsoft Azure.

Using our ready-made collection of discipline-specific resources and tools, you can expand your value and drive demand for your analytics solutions. You can quickly and easily start hosting your own day-long analytics customer working sessions, perform hands-on labs, and have customers submit for select free proof of value (POV) offerings such as Migration POV and Industry-specific POV (supply chain intelligence, finance analytics). For example, if you are helping customers migrate to Azure Synapse, you can offer customers incredible savings through a limited-time migration offer.

With the general availability (GA) announcement of Azure Synapse, workshop content is updated and current. You can walk customers through a range of cloud analytics capabilities, including how to create an analytics pipeline, empower self-service, and build a data-driven culture.

If you are new to Analytics in a Day, you can find analytics training in your region and register to attend.

In financial year 2021 (FY21), Analytics in a Day has already reached over 1,800 organizations and 6,000 attendees. Together, let's continue this upward trend in FY22. Some campaign testimonials include:

  • "I think all the relevant areas have been covered in depth. It's a great start!" - Customer
  • "One of the best ones yet! Everything went smoothly." -Partner

Accelerate engagement with the Azure Analytics and AI Accelerate Program (AAAP) and benefit from investments and resources to accelerate demand, revenue, and customer success for qualified customer opportunities.

We've also recently put together easy-to-deploy Solution Accelerators for repeatable scenarios across industries that will be available for use in your Analytics and AI engagements. These Solution Accelerators solve customer problems quickly, as it is packaged code that is ready to be personalized for the customer and deployed.

Partners worldwide have leveraged AAAP to help customers decrease the time to solution by as much as 50 percent and increase their ability to win Analytics and AI deals.

Grow the value of your cloud business by differentiating your technical capability to deliver tailored Microsoft analytics solutions, expand your customer reach, and distinguish your skillset from competitors with the Analytics on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization. To help our shared customers successfully adopt and implement analytics offerings into their businesses we recently launched the Analytics on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization. It's a powerful way for you to show your capability to deliver tailored Microsoft analytics solutions using Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Databricks. By earning an advanced specialization, partners gain access to associated benefits that help expand their customer reach and drive customer confidence in their validated capabilities.

For partners who earn or meet the competency, performance, and skilling requirements for the Analytics on Microsoft Azure advanced specialization, there is a new pilot on Customer growth Incentive for Azure Synapse which rewards partners who help customers with Azure Synapse deployments.

Partners play a critical role in all stages of the customer lifecycle. We encourage you to take advantage of the comprehensive three-step approach with Microsoft investments, resources, and assets to fuel greater customer success by bringing incremental value to them throughout their analytics journey and empowering them to achieve more.

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