Our guest contributor for today’s blog is Brian Freese, Director, Microsoft Customer Engagement Methodology (MCEM) for Partners.  

In the rapidly evolving world of sales and customer engagement, we know that the best way to support partners is by seamlessly integrating with their existing strategies, enhancing co-selling efforts while respecting their unique processes. Historically, the absence of a commonly understood methodology between Microsoft’s internal sales force and our diverse partners has resulted in inefficiencies in collaboration, hindering the full potential of our joint efforts. 

Responding to this need, Microsoft is proud to have introduced the Microsoft Customer Engagement Methodology for Partners (MCEM/P) at Microsoft Inspire in July 2023. MCEM/P is a comprehensive framework that offers partners transparent access to Microsoft’s established sales methodology. This initiative is designed to improve co-selling ventures, providing a robust and adaptable framework to support partner strategies.  

Enhancing the co-selling experience 

In integrating MCEM/P, we recognize and value the distinct sales methodologies our partners bring to the table. Our goal is to harmonize these approaches, fostering a synergy that enhances, rather than replaces, your established strategies. The essence of co-selling is collaboration, and with MCEM/P as a shared foundation, we are poised to elevate the unique strengths of each partner. Together, through this closer alignment, we anticipate delivering unparalleled results for our customers, better reflecting the combined power of our unified efforts. 

MCEM/P offers partners a framework as they move through the following five Sales Stages: 

  • Listen & Consult 
  • Inspire & Design 
  • Empower & Achieve 
  • Realize Value 
  • Manage & Optimize

A new knowledge hub 

We are pleased to announce the launch of the MCEM/P Learning Channel, a pivotal element of this initiative, featuring an library of accessible videos. These seven videos succinctly outline the roles and contributions of partners within each stage of MCEM/P, offering clear guidance for enhanced collaborative efforts:  

  • Intro to MCEM/P: Get acquainted with MCEM/P as Julie Sanford, VP of Partner GTM, outlines the methodology. 
  • Sales Stages Deep Dive: Understand the intricacies of the MCEM/P stages and their significance in partnering with Microsoft through five videos, each dedicated to an individual stage.
  • MCEM Recap & Tools: Quickly review the core concepts of MCEM/P and access a collection of resources to aid your co-selling process. 

Each of these videos is available in localized versions available across 13 languages. We invite you to explore these valuable resources and join us in shaping a more interconnected and prosperous sales future. 

Furthermore, we have updated Partner Center referral forms and documentation to reflect the relationship between the legacy sales stages and MCEM/P stages for ease of understanding. 

The future of MCEM for Partners 

We will be releasing new training resources in early 2024 to broaden your expertise in the MCEM/P framework. These resources extend beyond enhancing co-selling tactics; they offer incremental learning opportunities across all partner types, providing a comprehensive understanding of our proven sales methodology. They are designed not just to strengthen our co-selling initiatives, but to empower you with a broader set of skills and tools for overall business success. 

In our journey with MCEM/P, we embrace a partnership-driven approach and highly value the diverse insights and feedback from our partner community. This collaborative process ensures that MCEM/P is dynamic and responsive, continuously refined to meet the evolving needs and bolster the capabilities of our partner network. On this path together, we are committed to leveraging our combined expertise to continually augment the value and effectiveness of MCEM/P for all partners. 

With MCEM/P as a common foundation, we are set to elevate each partner's strengths. This closer alignment is a commitment to achieving remarkable results for our customers, reflecting the powerful synergy of our unified efforts. Together, we are charting a course toward a future where our combined skills and shared vision culminate in groundbreaking success and innovation in customer engagement. We encourage you to begin exploring the Microsoft Customer Engagement Methodology for Partners (MCEM/P) today and discover its benefits for your organization and customers.   


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