As a partner in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, organizations have access to a wide array of resources and benefits to help them build out their practice, skill their team, get their solution to market quicker, and go to market and expand their customer reach. One of the first steps any new Microsoft partner can take for their business is purchasing a Microsoft Action Pack, and it's also a great supplementary resource for partners further along in their partnership journey. Action Pack includes product licenses, advisory hours, product support incidents, and branding assets—each supplementing the tools and resources available to all members of the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program.

To unlock the resources in Microsoft Action Pack, enroll in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, and purchase the offer in Partner Center. If you’re already a member of the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, you can purchase Action Pack in Partner Center. More information is available on the partner website.

Each Action Pack purchase contains:
• Product licenses that provide access to Microsoft products and technology—including Azure, Dynamics 365, and Office 365
• Five (5) technical advisory hours of personalized guidance from Microsoft technical consultants to assist with onboarding, presales, or deep technical scenarios
• Branding that denotes you are a Microsoft partner
• Up to ten (10) product support incidents, which provide break-and-fix troubleshooting assistance to help resolve customers’ technical issues with on-premises products.

To learn more about each resource in Action Pack, review the descriptions below.

Learn with product licenses

An Action Pack also comes with product licenses to help teams familiarize themselves with Microsoft products and develop even more innovative Microsoft-based apps. These licenses can be used for demonstration purposes, solution development and testing, internal training, or other internal uses (not for any type of commercial purpose).

Unlock technical advisory hours

Through Microsoft’s Technical Presales and Deployment Services (TPD), partners can connect with our skilled technical consultants to receive proactive, personalized assistance as you build your solution. Consultants can speak to partners practicing in all solution areas, and provide advice on sales opportunities, solution deployment, or marketplace assessment.

The Action Pack comes with five hours of remote, personalized, one-to-one consultation. You can choose how to use these hours to best inform your practice in whichever phase. All cloud and hybrid solutions are supported by TPD consultants.

Manage benefits

With the purchase of an Action Pack, it’s easy to manage technical benefits and offer details in Partner Center. Instructions for activating and managing the Product Support and Partner Advisory Hours benefits are available here.

Go further with partner branding

Partners with an Action Pack can incorporate Microsoft branding into their marketing strategy to closer align their organization with Microsoft. By leveraging our branding, partners differentiate themselves in the marketplace and lend additional credibility to their solutions. Explore additional co-branding benefits and start creating an official Microsoft-branded logo here.

An Action Pack is beneficial for both new members and existing partners who are seeking to expand their partnership with Microsoft or supplement their current tools and resources. The Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program is always growing and evolving, and this resource can help you maximize the value of partner membership by successfully integrating the latest technologies.


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