Microsoft continues to invest in and provide best-in-class security solutions to help protect organizations from rising security risks, but we don’t do it alone. Our partners play a vital role in ensuring customer security and offering solutions such as threat monitoring and mitigation when breaches occur.

We collaborate closely with many partners to improve cybersecurity responses and encourage all of our customers to make security a top priority. BlueVoyant provides an example of how we innovate with partners on security. Recently recognized as Microsoft Security Partner of the Year for 2022, the company is the design partner for three of Microsoft’s newest security services.

New managed security services from Microsoft

Those new services include Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR, a new managed extended detection and response service available for preview in fall 2022 that combines cyberattack stage visibility, automation, and detection capabilities. Additionally, Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting serves customers who want Microsoft to help them proactively hunt for threats across Microsoft Defender data. Our experts investigate anything they find and then hand off alert information and remediation instructions so that customers can quickly respond.

Finally, our new Microsoft Security Services for Enterprise is designed for large enterprises looking for more comprehensive and high-touch managed services from experts, combining proactive threat hunting and managed detection and response.

New managed security services such as these offer customers an added layer of security as cybersecurity threats continue to rise. Too many organizations are still learning only after data breaches or other incidents that security needs to be a top-of-mind priority. From the start, security needs to be a foundational part of a company’s digital strategy, with all employees understanding they play a daily role in securing data.

Collaborating with partners on security

We emphasize this foundational approach to security as one of our Zero Trust principles as we work with partners who design cybersecurity products and services. We’re working together to simplify the deployment and management of multiple security technologies, lowering the barriers to adopting them. Microsoft also partners with government agencies and industry groups around the world to improve cybersecurity and privacy and share knowledge about threats and solutions.

Additionally, the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) provides an ecosystem of independent vendors and managed service providers offering solutions to defend against a wide variety of threats. MISA members, including BlueVoyant, have the advantage of reaching customers through co-marketing opportunities and the MISA member catalog. We want customers to easily find security partners to help us all keep online data and operations as secure as possible.

Learn more about Microsoft Security and our partners

At Microsoft, we are continually working with partners on reinforcing Zero Trust and least privileged access practices to protect customer data, fight against emerging cyberthreats, and avoid operational disruptions. We’re also enlisting their help in developing innovative technology and bringing forward solutions that can bring more security to our daily work online. Learn more about Microsoft security partners, or explore what Microsoft Security can offer.


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