Update November 15, 2022: The ISV Success program public preview is now live. Partners can learn more on the Azure blog.

Amid a rapidly shifting market and new economic pressures, one thing is certain: digital transformation will continue to present tremendous opportunities for independent software vendors (ISVs) to partner with Microsoft. Customers are seeking software solutions that will help their business remain resilient and competitive, and we can meet their needs together by building on the Microsoft Cloud and bringing innovation to market. In placing customer value at the center of our cloud portfolio and partner-focused platform, we want to help our ISV partners continue to solve even the most critical customer challenges.

Today, we’re excited to welcome all partners to the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, a place for all partners to build and sell software, services or devices. Microsoft continues to invest in the programs, resources, and initiatives to meet our partners right where you are, and that includes our ISV partners. Whether you’re building your first app, migrating from another cloud provider, or selling your established solutions through Microsoft, we’re defining clear pathways to your goals. One of our top priorities is helping you deliver quality, high-performing cloud solutions to customers across every market and industry.

As a Microsoft partner, you now have access to two new resources designed to support your business. I’m also pleased to share the opportunity to engage with future industry designations that can better differentiate ISV partner solutions to customers.

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

To help remove the traditional barriers to founding and building a tech company, we have launched the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. Designed to support founders from idea to exit, Founders Hub is a platform that helps you build your business smarter from day one. Here, you can grow your business at your own pace with Microsoft tools and platforms, guidance from business leaders and technical experts, and startup-friendly offers from Microsoft partners.

ISV Success program

For tailored support as you develop, extend, and sell Microsoft Cloud solutions, you can join the ISV Success program—the pathway for ISVs within the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. The program is currently in private preview and moving to public preview later this year. Through the ISV Success program, you can build across the Microsoft Cloud and gain access to the following benefits specifically designed for you:

  • Cloud sandbox and developer tools: Funded benefits to help ISVs develop applications on the Microsoft cloud and publish to the commercial marketplace including access to Visual Studio and GitHub resources.
  • Curated resources: Content tailored to common ISV applications and publishing scenarios, together in one place for ease of discovery.
  • Community events: Sign up for access to webinars, workshops, and a community of Microsoft and peer experts.

In the future, the ISV Success program will include Marketplace Rewards and the Business Applications ISV Connect program, becoming the unified destination for the most relevant benefits and capabilities to help you develop and sell successful solutions for customers. You can find out more about the ISV Success program public preview by attending a new virtual event, Microsoft Marketplace Summit, on November 15.

Sell with Microsoft

As a Microsoft partner, we provide you with clear paths and approaches that support your goals. No matter how you choose to sell with us, whether through the Microsoft commercial marketplace, with our other Microsoft partners, or with Microsoft sellers, we have what you need to drive business growth and profitability. Through the commercial marketplace, partners can reach millions of Microsoft customers, simplify sales, and unlock growth.

Differentiate with industry experience

Attaining Solutions Partner designations is a highly effective way to demonstrate your organization’s capabilities in specific solution areas. While the current Solutions Partner designations were more closely aligned to selling services, we are working on purpose-built solution designations for ISVs. These will help you differentiate your solutions to customers by both industry-specific scenarios and broader technology and line-of-business capabilities. Our initial pilot will focus on healthcare, retail and financial services industry solutions.

For answers to further questions about the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program and what it means for all partners, including information on how you can retain your existing benefits, please view the Training Gallery on the partner website and check out the extensive frequently asked questions.

Learn more about the opportunity for ISVs by revisiting my Microsoft Inspire session, The Microsoft Cloud for ISVs: a pathway to success, and the corresponding Ask the Experts session.

As we evolve the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, existing programs that drive value will remain available, and we’ll continue to make key investments in new partner programs and initiatives. Moving forward, we’re building on our commitment to accelerate your cloud innovation, connect you with customers worldwide, and help you achieve greater business growth and profitability long into the future.


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