We’ve learned a lot from our partners over the years about how to develop and evolve our technologies.  Today, I’m excited to share how Azure Digital Twins and Willow provide value in this set of Partner Innovation videos. Willow is modernizing and transforming the real estate, infrastructure, and mining industries with WillowTwinTM — a SaaS platform built on Azure Digital Twins that makes buildings and spaces smart and more efficient.

The bottom line is strategy matters, and your approach to modernizing affects how quickly and effectively you achieve your goals. With WillowTwinTM, owners and managers of real estate and infrastructure (e.g., airports, railroads, office buildings, hospitals) can stand up a solution without cobbling together disparate systems or wasting time on pilots. Our combined technologies provide the best of both worlds. Azure brings the IoT platform, open modeling language, powerful graphs, and intelligence to enable the digital twin model — and Willow provides expertise and a domain-specific platform that renders data into a real-time picture. The result is a turnkey solution that you can deploy in a few short weeks to immediately reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and engage more effectively with occupants.

There are two videos in this series. In the first, you’ll meet Joshua Ridley, Co-Founder and CEO of Willow, and a true pioneer of Digital Twins. The second video provides a technical deep dive with Alina Stanciu, Principal PM Manager at Microsoft, and Rick Szcodronski, Willow’s Director of Product Management for the platform.


Business video interview

Technical video interview


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