While many organizations are just now discovering the benefits that cloud adoption can have, Microsoft partners are well-versed in the power of Microsoft Azure. Drawing on cloud-based capabilities such as AI and data analytics, they are developing solutions with the potential to improve decision-making and advance infrastructure across all industries. Partnering with Microsoft on these solutions allows developers unmatched access to the full modern Azure cloud technology stack and a collaborative relationship as we work together to expand the limits of what is possible. 

The Microsoft Partner Network is home to a vast, diverse group of solution providers; below is a just a sampling of the progress that our partners are making: 

Advancing the future of global infrastructure 

The structures that sustain our global economy and environment depend on an array of software solutions, including many built on Azure. By leveraging the platform’s industry-leading capabilities, partners can offer solutions that are more cost-effective, resilient, and sustainable. Azure unites data from disparate sources and draws deeper insights to drive faster, more efficient decisions and processes. The opportunity to improve infrastructure in this way lands within all the industries that undergird our society, including transportation, public works, utilities, buildings, and industrial facilities. 

Bentley Systems, a Microsoft partner since 1984, uses its access to the full modern Azure cloud technology stack to create innovative infrastructure solutions. Having cultivated deep expertise in this sector, the sky is the limit for Bentley: at a recent brainstorming session, teams came up with over 100 use cases for AI and advanced analytics. Our ongoing collaborations include:  

  • ProjectWise 365, an instant-on, Azure cloud-based solution for increasing the speed and quality of infrastructure design collaboration
  • The Smart Cities project, bringing together all of a city’s data into a digital twin on Azure to address economic growth, safety, security, and overall resiliency for smart city innovation.  
  • Digital twin integration to close the global productivity gap with Azure digital twins and Azure IoT services, creating rich models of entire business environments. 

Empowering care teams 

Health systems embark on lifesaving endeavors every day and depend on efficient decision-making processes to connect patients with the best possible care. Azure offers partners a secure platform to build enterprise-level solutions for healthcare providers. By centralizing information as clinical staff refer, admit, and move patients into and throughout their health systems, Azure-based solutions unlock the ability to collaboratively optimize the flow of patients through the entire continuum of care. 

Central Logic is one such partner that is pioneering patient care access and orchestration. They provide the industry's only purpose-built solution for managing interfacility acute patient transfers. Their software, delivered via Azure, emphasizes the three areas that matter most for this scenario: availability, security, and compliance. The system holds extensive security certifications and protects sensitive patient data in full compliance with all applicable regulations. With Central Logic as their partner, health systems can achieve their full potential—clinically, operationally, and financially. 

Better data for faster decisions  

Organizations around the world are looking for ways to modernize their operations and accelerate business value through data analytics. There’s a growing need to manage large volumes of data stored in multiple sources, to access it easily, and use it to make smarter decisions. 

Microsoft partner Qlik draws on over 25 years of experience in data and advanced analytics to help customers automate and stream data from a variety of sources into various Azure data services. The Qlik Data Integration platform is designed to make data available for analytics or modernize organizations’ data estates on Microsoft Azure. Qlik’s strong alliance with Microsoft offers customers more freedom and flexibility to choose where their data is stored, where the analytics take place, and how and where users can access it seamlessly, whether on-premises or in the cloud. 

These are just a few of the solutions that Microsoft partners are delivering through the power of Azure. We are eager to continue our collaborations with forward-thinking developers and remain committed to investing in new ways for you to innovate. We welcome and encourage solution providers of all specialties to join the Microsoft Partner Network and learn more about the value in co-developing, co-marketing, and co-selling Azure-based solutions today.  


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