Today, we mark the official launch of the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. It is my pleasure to welcome all our partners to this evolution in how we develop and deliver cloud applications, services, and devices for customers everywhere. With the global reach, strategic investments, and technology stack from Microsoft, we empower our partners to create and sell differentiated products and end-to-end solutions for customers in any scenario and every industry. Additionally, we are committed to making the Cloud Partner Program a beneficial place for all partners, whether you build and sell services, software solutions, or devices. I’m excited to share a bit more about today’s launch and what we have in store for the coming months.

Through the Cloud Partner Program, our commitment is to provide you with investments and global reach to differentiate your offering, scale your customer connections, and position for long-term profitability:

  • Tap into the largest technology ecosystem: With the breadth of the Microsoft technology stack, purpose-built partner offerings, and our extensive customer reach, the Cloud Partner Program offers opportunities for you to quickly develop and sell competitive solutions to customers around the globe. By partnering with us, you can grow your business at the scale of Microsoft and expand your customer connections in markets and industries across the globe.
  • Innovate on the most comprehensive, end-to-end cloud platform: Whether you want to develop or extend on the Microsoft Cloud, provide customers with best-in-class solutions and services, or sell cutting-edge devices, the Cloud Partner Program is how we support your goals. As a partner, you can get more out of Microsoft’s investments to keep you and your customers at the forefront of cloud innovation.
  • Do business with a partner you can trust: By choosing to partner with Microsoft, you choose a partnership secured on a strong foundation of trust built over multiple decades. The Cloud Partner Program is how we remain accountable to you and your customers. With our combined deep understanding of what businesses need to meet evolving opportunities and drive long-term profitability, we can work together to empower people and organizations everywhere to achieve more.

Let’s take a closer look at what today’s changes mean for your business.

Differentiating with Solutions Partner designations

In the months leading up to today’s launch, we’ve shared information about the new Solutions Partner designations, which are replacing legacy silver and gold competencies. The six designations aligned to the Microsoft Cloud — an important method of validating your skills and experience — are now generally available to all partners.

Those of you who have already met the requirements for a designation will receive it immediately if you have legacy benefits, or once you have paid the fee if you’re attaining benefits for the first time. Congratulations! You can visit Partner Center today to download and display your new badge to begin differentiating your organization in the market. You can also visit the Solutions Partner dashboard in Partner Center to view how you’re tracking towards Solutions Partner designations (Global and MPN Admins have access). I recommend that all partners check the latest requirements for each designation and refer to the Solutions Partner benefits guide to ensure you have the latest information so you can choose whether to move to the new benefits on your anniversary date or retain the legacy benefits.

While the initial set of Solutions Partner designations is geared towards partners who sell services, we are working on creating additional industry designations for partners who build software as well. At Microsoft Inspire this year, we also announced that we’re adding industry designations to differentiate solutions based on partners’ demonstrated performance with customers, technical maturity, and customer success. We’ll be prioritizing industry designations anchored on the Microsoft Industry Clouds and aligning across both the Solutions Partner and ISV programs.

Following the launch of these new designations, a reminder that legacy silver and gold competency badges are no longer valid. Partners will continue to receive legacy benefits until their next anniversary date. On a partner’s first anniversary date after today (October 3, 2022), those who attain a Solutions Partner designation can choose to move to the updated Solutions Partner benefits or retain their legacy benefits, and pay the corresponding fee. Partners who do not meet the requirements for a Solutions Partner designation, but who renewed a competency by September 30, 2022, will have the option to continue to pay the fee to retain their legacy benefits at the time of their next anniversary date.

ISV partners and the Cloud Partner Program

We’re investing in simplifying the offerings we provide for partners through the Cloud Partner Program and as part of our efforts to increase available resources for ISV partners, we recently announced the ISV Success program. Currently in private preview and moving to public preview later this year, the ISV Success program is the pathway for ISV partners within the Cloud Partner Program. Through this resource we’re helping ISV partners access benefits to build and publish apps faster, accelerate innovation, and reach more customers. Read more about this pathway for ISVs here.

Personalize your path to success

I have seen firsthand how each of our partners are on a unique journey to success. As we embrace our new, evolved relationship, we have prepared a Training Gallery for you to find a centralized destination for a variety of reference materials including walking decks, demo videos, Solutions Partner benefits guide and FAQ.

Microsoft partners make more possible. Whether you’re building your first app, developing complex integrations, helping customers migrate to the cloud, or exploring new services offerings, we’re here to empower you to achieve more. This evolution of our network was designed to have the most relevant benefits for you, our partners. Thank you for your continued partnership as we find new ways to meet customers’ emerging needs together.


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