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Grow with CSP

Open new doors to profitability and grow your business with the Cloud Solution Provider program.

The managed services opportunity

As digital transformation moves the business world into the future, embracing managed services will help you move your own business forward.

Increased margins

Providing high-value managed services can increase your margins by up to 45 percent. Are you leaving money on the table?

Long-term agreements

Instead of working on a project-by-project basis, you’ll provide customers with always-on services and bill monthly.

Revenue win-win

Managed services agreements mean predictable costs for your customers and a consistent revenue stream for you.

Insider’s view

Because you’re embedded in your customer’s business, you can identify more opportunities to grow your business.

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Cloud profitability scenarios

Explore scenario overviews and financial models to help you identify new opportunities to expand your profitability.

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