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Microsoft Azure

Empower your customers with the most trusted, open, flexible cloud platform.

Microsoft Azure. Innovation for endless possibilities.

Discover all the benefits that Microsoft Azure can bring to your business.

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Trusted, global, secure

Your customers know at Microsoft, security is paramount. We are dedicated to making the continuous advancements it takes to be the most trusted, reliable cloud.

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End-to-end solutions

Developers must build, test, and deploy cloud-first applications quickly. Azure delivers the unique yet complementary tools necessary for end-to-end development solutions.

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Open and flexible

We help your customers make the most of their existing IT investments, giving them the freedom to build, deploy, and manage applications anywhere, with the tools of their choice.

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Data intelligence

In a world flooded with data, it’s all about being able to ingest, analyze, visualize, and draw the insights for your business to thrive. This is where the true power of Azure is unlocked.

Ready, set, sell

Customers’ success is your success. So take advantage of all the go-to-market resources available for Microsoft Azure.

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What’s new? Our cloud platform roadmap

Get a snapshot of where we’re focusing our development efforts and what’s coming soon.

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Sponsored credit benefits

To help sales, get more internal-use rights and more monthly credit.

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Big market, bigger opportunity

The cloud now accounts for 20 percent of US dollars spent on apps. That’s a big market, and a bigger opportunity.

Competency in the cloud

Solutions built on Azure are in high demand, as are the skills that can separate your business from the competition.

Azure resources

Get a closer look at the Azure resources available to your business.

Training and documentation

Explore our broad range of Azure services documentation.

Learn and prepare

Take advantage of online training and readiness resources to discover all that Azure offers.

A world of webinars

Explore our array of webinar options to become better educated about Azure capabilities.

Promote and sell

Check out sales resources, campaigns, and discussion guides to help you sell Azure.