Get started with Microsoft for nonprofits

Partners can seize the growing opportunity to apply their skills and services to the nonprofit industry. Join the Partner Network or sign in to learn how you can get started.

We empower partners to innovate in the nonprofit industry

The Microsoft Tech for Social Impact team supports partners in delivering world-class technology, services, and solutions to nonprofits.

Getting started with nonprofits is easier than you think

Access nonprofit resources

Discover how to work with Microsoft to build, implement, and sell your offerings to nonprofit customers.


Earn margin and incentives by serving nonprofit customers.


Discover the nonprofit industry opportunity and market needs.


Enrich your connections with prospective nonprofit customers.


Develop or position solutions to benefit nonprofit customers.

Better meet nonprofit industry needs

Get the right nonprofit resources for your company.


Earn with Microsoft nonprofit incentive programs

Incentive programs can help you earn as you deliver services and resell licensing at a discount to qualified nonprofits.


Gain insight into the nonprofit industry

Get the latest nonprofit information from our newsletters, community calls, and announcements.

Assess your digital strategy

Identify your strengths and areas for improvement with this worksheet.

Accelerate your impact

Bring value to nonprofit organizations.

Access the licensing guidance

Get Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) nonprofit licensing and SKUs guidance.

Learn online

Educate your team with free on-demand training with the latest nonprofit sector training, demos, and more.


Woman holding a tablet smiling Woman holding a tablet smiling

Connect with nonprofit customers

Digital Marketing Content (DMC) OnDemand helps you build and optimize your digital marketing strategy to nonprofit organizations while elevating online engagement with customers.

Use Partner Center resources to reach nonprofits

Get the assets you need to grow your nonprofit business. Scale your offerings with go-to-market content from Microsoft for all workloads and solutions.


Provide tailored solutions

The Business Workshop Tool helps you assess your nonprofit customers’ needs to better identify how you can serve their mission.
Woman in a nursing uniform smiling through a window Woman in a nursing uniform smiling through a window

Network with other partners in the nonprofit industry

Get nonprofit news, access partner guides, and take part in discussions as a member of the Partners for Social Impact community.

Find the right resources for your business model

Apply your small business experience

With our training, learn the value of the Microsoft cloud to the sector and discover how to benefit nonprofits with your existing customer services.

Sell to the nonprofit industry with Microsoft

Extend your reach and build nonprofit customer connections to grow your business.

Develop nonprofit solutions

Learn how to develop, list, market, and sell your solution to nonprofit customers in the Microsoft commercial marketplace.

Looking for more information?

Get answers to common program and offer questions on our nonprofit FAQ page. If you can’t find the answer you need, use the Tech for Social Impact request form to reach our team.