4 coworkers sitting near window having a meeting 4 coworkers sitting near window having a meeting

Do more with Windows 10

Build your services practice on the best Windows ever. Deployment is the first step to adding higher value security services.

Get your customers on the FastTrack

Microsoft FastTrack for Windows is designed to help you accelerate the migration of your customers to Windows 10 quickly, affordably, and with confidence.

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Pitch Windows 10 to industry leaders

Choose from various downloadable presentations to communicate with customers about digital transformation, mobility, and security across different industries.

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Windows and Devices competency

Demonstrate your Windows 10 expertise to customers by obtaining the Windows and Devices competency. Help drive value for your business with access to software, programs, campaigns, resources, and more when you meet the requirements. Please note: Beginning April 1, 2017, partners must have the Windows and Devices competency to participate in Windows Accelerate and receive funding for Windows 10 Enterprise PoCs and pilots.

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Flexible support for partners

Get technical assistance when you need it. The Microsoft Partner Network gives you a wealth of support resources, like advanced cloud support, immediate answers to top partner questions, and access to the community of your peers.

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Stay in the know on Windows 10

The Windows 10 Partner newsletter keeps your posted on the latest updates, resources, and events for all things Windows.

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Access additional training content on volume licensing for Windows 10, a deployment tool, success stories, and more.