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Skills Bootcamps

Upskill your organisation with Microsoft-certified tech talent or retrain your workforce on the latest digital skills.

Skills Bootcamps

Recruit the UK’s newest tech talent

If your organisation could benefit from more digital-skills, we can send talented Bootcamp graduates your way before they’re snapped up by other companies. Review a diverse pool of candidates and fast-track the right skillsets to interviews and offers of employment.

Reskill your team at a subsidised cost

If your employees are looking to enhance their skills, we can help you find the best Bootcamps to retrain your workforce in under 16 weeks. Plus, 70% of any Digital Skills course can be government funded to help share the cost.

Help improve future Bootcamp courses

Microsoft Partners are helping shape the tech talent of tomorrow by getting involved with Digital Skills Bootcamps. Your organisation can offer real-world experience to Bootcamp students, from interview practice to mentorship programmes.

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Find Microsoft-certified skills today

Contact a provider and see how Skills Bootcamps could help support your workforce.

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A future-focused learning journey

Hear what some recent Bootcamp graduates had to say after successfully completing a course with Firebrand Training and going on to work with Microsoft Azure specialist, Cloud Direct.

Meet some of our trusted Bootcamp providers


“QA offer a variety of tech skills Bootcamps, designed to upskill and reskill thousands of people across the country in the most in-demand tech skills that employers need to thrive in this new digital-first world.”


“Intequal provides IT and digital apprentices training through an interactive, online tutor-led model, with 97% of those who study with Intequal completing their programme and 92% staying with their employer after completing their programme.”

The Open University

“The OU Skills Bootcamps help participants develop new technical skills and provides organisations with the opportunity to grow and diversify their talent pool in skills areas that are in high demand and short supply.”

Developing diverse digital talent

Learn how Microsoft’s Digital Skills Hub is helping 1.5 million people build tech careers and find job opportunities.