Flexible volume licensing program

Three people collaborate at a desk over a Microsoft Surface Three people collaborate at a desk over a Microsoft Surface

Flexible volume licensing program

Enterprise Cloud Suite

Capture new cloud and annuity business with this user-based offer that provides customers with best-in-class productivity along with IT security and control.

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Volume Licensing overview

Understand the different aspects and programs of licensing, the rights to install and use Microsoft software, and how to provide your customers with precisely what they need. Give your customers a quality IT experience that builds trust and long-term relationships. To find the right program for your customer’s organization, you'll first need to determine the type and size of their organization, the software and online services that they want to purchase, and how they will use it.

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Volume licensing benefits

  • Programs to suit each of your customers
  • Licensing Tools to help service your customers
  • Long-term strategy bringing revenue opportunities
  • Extend customer engagements to incorporate support, upgrades, architecture and deployment
A partner looks at licensing information on her devices

Licensing reseller

Sell software and services licenses to your customers.

Product Licensing displayed on a Surface Pro

Product licensing

Learn how Microsoft products are licensed and access the Product Terms and Online Service Terms.

Three partners look at Microsoft licensing programs on a device

Volume licensing programs

Understand the different options to sell to your customers.

A man trains others about Microsoft volumn licensing

Volume licensing training

Find training materials to help you provide volume licensing solutions to your customers.

Access the VLSC

Manage Volume Licensing agreements, download product keys, and access volume license keys.

A partner accesses her device secured by Microsoft


Ensure your customers are using properly licensed, genuine Microsoft software.

Two partners look at pricing information at a meeting

Pricing and payment solutions

Access price lists and details on flexible payment solutions to extend to your customers.

Two partners collaborate with the tools in Microsoft Solutions

Resource and tools

Generate quotes, create agreements, and manage licenses

A Windows machine shows software

Software Asset Management

Use proven processes to manage and optimize your customer’s IT assets