As a Microsoft Partner, you can avail a host of benefits to utilise the latest technology and innovations for enhancing your and your teams’ skills, improving efficiency, and growing your business as well. And this is the space to watch to stay updated on all the partner benefits every month. So make the most of it!<br/>
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Cloud Application

Dev Chat for Azure is complimentary to app developers through June 30, 2017

As per the 2016 Microsoft Research study, Dev Chat was ranked 3rd that answer the questions of technical experts. In the last fall, we provided the quick access to Microsoft engineers to keep their Azure and Office 365 app dev projects up and moving. What’s more, if you need much deeper technical consultation, the engineer will open a case to connect you with a Partner Consultant for a one-to-one engagement via Skype.

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Cloud and Enterprise Partner

Cloud and Enterprise Partner Resource: New Portal

An innovative portal with all the updates resources calls for new business opportunities and that’s what our new CE Partner Resource portal is aiming at. With all the information related to our partner benefits, this portal is a must-visit for all the partners.

To get more insights, download our partner community benefits guide.

Get the latest digital

Get the latest digital content from Microsoft

With the Microsoft Digital Commerce and Campaign Network, it’s simple to customize and subscribe to product and solution web content from Microsoft to help you build awareness, generate demand, and increase sales. As from October 2016, we have moved our web content tool to a new platform that’s easier to use and offers more content for the syndication.

Now that we have a new platform, it is highly recommended to make a move to the new one now.

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Change to Microsoft Action Pack Partner

Change to Microsoft Action Pack Partner Advisory Hour Benefit

Microsoft Action Pack partners access the full suite of technical presales and deployment services as soon as they purchase Action Pack. In addition to helping you win your first cloud deal, you should leverage technical presales and deployment services to accelerate cloud sales and deployments, and develop new apps as you get started, grow and optimize your business.

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New Sales tool

New sales tool: Azure Pathfinder

Explore Azure Pathfinder, the new sales tool that asks a series of simple questions to evaluate the current state of infrastructure first. Then, based on the answers, this tool offers solutions helping with the next steps in digital transformation journey of your customer. Last but not the least, it provides you with a Customer-Ready Report, providing specific tools and products paving the way to the cloud.

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