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Share your success with Microsoft

No two businesses face the same challenges. That’s why it’s so important to highlight big wins. Tell us how you support customers and further innovation with Microsoft technology, and we may feature your story on our website.

Your solution, your success

Share your story with Microsoft so we can recognize your organization, celebrate your success, and inspire others along the way. Learn more below.

Frequently asked questions

What is a success story and how will it be used?
We’re searching for stories that demonstrate how organizations have solved specific customer challenges by tapping into Microsoft products, technology, or offerings. If selected, we'll feature your story on our website—and potentially other Microsoft channels—to celebrate your success and show customers and partners how you're driving meaningful outcomes for customers.
What is the process to submit a success story? What criteria will be reviewed?

To meet the criteria, you must be active in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program. If you are a partner who provides services, you should have a current business profile in Partner Center. If you are a partner who provides software solutions, your solution should be transactional on the Microsoft commercial marketplace. You’ll also need to provide clear details about how you supported your customer’s success before, during, and after providing your solution, plus any existing demos and/or videos showcasing your specific solution. Please also describe how Microsoft technology played a role in your success, with specific attention to how Microsoft AI was employed.

Go here to read the full list of qualifying criteria, then fill out the success story form, which will help us decide which stories to develop.
What is the level of commitment from my organization? What do I need to provide?

Initially, you’ll provide us with your contact information and all your success story details, including information about your organization, the customer challenge, your Microsoft AI solution, and how it was integrated. Your featured customer must also agree to be included.

If we move forward with developing your story, we’ll need time for interviews with your organization’s representatives and subject matter experts, as well as the featured customer.
What happens after I submit my success story?
First, we’ll contact you to let you know whether your story has been selected for development within 10 business days from submission. We’ll then begin conversations with those involved, including people from your organization and your customer. Once we have completed interviews and developed content, we'll write the story, and your team will review it for finalization within an agreed upon timeline. The story will then be published on our partner success website.

How partners are driving success

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