What is the Microsoft Action Pack?

Action Pack is an affordable yearly subscription to software, support, and benefits for businesses that want to begin, build, and grow their Microsoft practice in the cloud-first, mobile-first world. Click on this short video to see how you can start with Action Pack today.

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Action Pack moves your cloud business forward

Sell approximately two times more cloud volume than network members1 when you utilize cloud benefits as an Action Pack partner. Run your business with speed and agility for ₹ 22,000 per year when you use a robust set of Microsoft software. Additional benefits:

  • Use world-class developer tools to create applications and solutions for your customers on iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows
  • Includes ten Windows 10 Enterprise (upgrade) licenses, three Visual Studio Professional licenses, and a no-cost Visual Studio Team Services account
  • Get up to ten Office 365 (E3) seats, plus five seats of Enterprise Mobility Suite and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional2
  • Receive US$100 of Microsoft Azure credits per month

1 This data is accurate as of December 15, 2015. We compared the average Office 365 cloud sales per partner in the previous 12 months between Action Pack partners and Network members that use Office 365 internal use rights.
2 Action Pack partners initially receive five seats of Office 365. Partners will receive five additional seats when they sell at least 25 seats of Office 365 within the previous 12 months. Partners receive five seats of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online when they sell at least 50 seats of Office 365 or five seats of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online within the previous 12 months.

Thanks to Microsoft Action Pack, we can develop in the latest Microsoft technology. Action Pack helps us to evolve our company constantly, optimizing costs to develop by using our internal use rights benefits.

- Jesús Carpio, Development Systems Manager, Estratega Sistemas S.A. de C.V.

Gain more than just software

There has never been a better time to be an Action Pack partner. In addition to great Microsoft software, you will gain access to a set of tools to enhance all parts of your business, from training and assessments to tech support and marketing assets.

You will get:

  • Dedicated support so you can confidently serve your customers’ needs
  • Smart Partner Marketing resources provide you with ready-to-go marketing campaigns and guidance for any level of expertise
  • Increase your profitability with comprehensive Microsoft insights and business planning tools to help you build a winning strategy
  • Cloud-focused training with Cloud SureStep lets us help you take the next step, no matter where you are in your cloud journey

Find your cloud opportunity today

Thousands of Action Pack partners are already taking advantage of this popular program. Start your partnership with us now so you can focus on growing your cloud business.

Our partnership grows with you

As you successfully sell and deploy cloud solutions, showcase your expertise to customers with earned cloud competencies. You will also gain additional benefits, such as unlimited cloud technical support and incentives. Discover our performance-based competencies and how they meet key business needs.

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