Connect and Empower your frontline healthcare workers

Last Modified 2024-02-16

The Connect and empower your frontline healthcare workers campaign is designed for system integrators and service providers serving the healthcare industry.
Across the healthcare industry, frontline workers comprise most of the global workforce. They perform essential, task and service-oriented roles and are the face of the organization for patients. Despite being the biggest demographic of workers, frontline healthcare employees feel disconnected from their peers and organization; they report lacking access to tools that would make them more productive. As a Microsoft partner, you bring the expertise and services healthcare organizations need to empower their deskless workers with Microsoft technology so they can work smarter, not harder.

This campaign offers in-depth, impactful content on:
How AI supports healthcare workers.
Enhancing communication and collaboration.
Transforming clinician experiences.
Increasing operational efficiency.
Securing and managing health organizations.

Download the Execution Guide for guidance on customizing the assets and launching this end-to-end campaign to drive leads for your services and Microsoft solutions.