Endpoint Management with Security – Build Intent Workshop

Gain insight into your customer's device security posture and showcase the best ways to leverage Microsoft Intune, Azure Active Directory and Defender for Endpoint as part of a Zero Trust security strategy.

The Endpoint Management with Security Workshop is a four-day partner-led engagement that will help you showcase the value of Microsoft 365, leading with Microsoft Intune to show your customers how to manage and secure users’ devices, apps, and identities from anywhere. Deliverables include:

  • Educating customers about how they can improve their current endpoint and device management practices
  • Demonstrating how customers can discover existing endpoints using their tenant capabilities, and protecting them from threats
  • Securing customers’ identities with easy-to-use multifactor authentication and automatic, risk-based conditional access from any device
  • Enabling user productivity by giving them access to the apps they need on whichever device they want to use

Questions about this workshop?

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Partner Readiness

Enable partners to effectively land workshop scenarios

Delivery Guide
Delivery guidance for the Endpoint Management with Security Workshop.
Sales and Marketing

Engage prospective customers and recommend workshop activities

Endpoint Management with Security Workshop Flyer
Provides a summary of the Endpoint Management with Security Workshop.
Endpoint Management with Security Email Template
Email invitation template to send to customers.
Presales Deck
Introduces the Endpoint Management with Security Workshop and defines the workshop scope.
Assess the Customer

Evaluate customer scenarios in preparation for workshop activities

Pre-engagement Call
Introduces the Endpoint Management with Security Workshop and defines the workshop scope.
Customer Questionnaire
Template for collecting information on your customer’s production environment.
Endpoint Management with Security Overview
Provide a high-level overview of the capabilities of Microsoft Intune, Azure AD and Defender for Endpoint, with a focus on security, flexible management, and deep Microsoft 365 integration.
Art of the Possible

Execute workshop activities and drive customer engagement

Azure AD Overview
Present how Azure AD helps to secure adaptive access, how it provides seamless user experiences, how it secures access to all your applications, and how it automates identity governance.
Conditional Access
Present how Azure AD Conditional Access brings signals together, to make decisions, and enforce organizational policies.
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
Present Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, an enterprise endpoint security platform designed to help enterprise networks prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats.
Windows 11 Security
Present Windows 11 Security, built with zero-trust principles at the core to safeguard data and access anywhere, keeping you protected and productive.
Windows Autopatch Overview
Present a technical overview of Windows Autopatch including: its Quality Update release process, how to work with the solution, how to register devices and how to use the Windows Autopatch reports.
Enroll Presentation
Present a high-level overview of the device enrollment methods and tenant setup options in Microsoft Intune.
Configure Presentation
Present a high-level overview of the device configuration options and the app deployment methods in Microsoft Intune.
Protect Presentation
Present key account and device security features in Microsoft 365 and how they can be enabled or managed with Microsoft Intune.
Support and Retire Presentation
Present a high-level overview of the troubleshooting and support features, the remote assistance options and the endpoint analytics features in Microsoft Intune.
Windows 11 Enterprise Overview
Present an introduction to Windows 11 Enterprise, designed for hybrid work with a focus on productivity, collaboration, security, and consistency.
Upgrading and Deploying Windows 11 Enterprise
Present what’s new with Windows 11, deployment considerations and prerequisites and how to go modern for deployment.
Refresh Windows Devices
Explains how modern Windows devices can help deliver the best Windows 11 experience.
MDM Migration Overview
A presentation that can be used to assess the customer’s current MDM solution and to discuss high-level steps to migrate to Microsoft Intune.
Endpoint Analytics
Present a detailed overview of Endpoint Analytics and its features.
Intune Reporting & Graph API
Present a detailed overview of the Microsoft Intune reporting features including Intune reports, the Intune Data Warehouse, exporting reports with Microsoft Graph, and creating custom reports with Log Analytics.
Microsoft Edge
Present an overview of Microsoft Edge, how it helps to secure access to your applications and corporate resources with zero trust, and how to deploy and manage the browser with Microsoft Intune.
Microsoft Surface
Present an overview of Microsoft Surface and the Modern Workplace. Learn about modern management and zero-touch deployment of Surface devices.
Managing Surface HUB Devices
Present Surface Hub 2S management options and cloud-based management.
Managing Teams MTR Devices
Present cloud-based management options for Android MTR devices.
Managing HoloLens Devices
Present an overview of how to manage HoloLens 2 with Microsoft Intune.
Intune for Education Deployment
Present an overview of how to setup and configure Intune for Education, how to control updates, manage applications and how to setup school PCs.
School Data Sync Deployment
Present an overview of what School Data Sync does and how to configure a sync profile.
Build the Plan

Create recommendations and next steps for customer scenarios

Results and Next Steps
Customizable template for determining customer recommendations and next steps.
POE Template
Template document for completing customer proof of execution, also known as the Report and Recommendations file.

Increase workshop efficacy through examples and test materials

Supporting Illustrations
Supporting materials to facilitate workshop delivery.
Session Notes
Supporting materials to facilitate workshop delivery.
Man in a meeting room working on his laptop Man in a meeting room working on his laptop

Investments and incentives

Partner investments and incentives can help drive the technical and workplace innovations you need to advance your business and your customers’ digital transformation. Let’s build, innovate, and grow together to make more possible.