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GAVS Technologies case study

GAVS Technologies speeds development and simplifies implementation of customer consent management solutions using Microsoft Power Apps

Racing against the marketplace to manage data with blockchain

GAVS Technologies wanted to bring to market a customizable solution that centralized data management using blockchain, but it estimated development would take 40 person months.

Enabling faster development using Microsoft’s low-code tools

GAVS chose Microsoft’s low-code Power Apps platform and Azure components to drastically speed its development process.

Removing go-to-market obstacles for development and deployment

GAVS improved productivity and realized a 60-percent decrease in time to market by using Microsoft Power Apps. Built entirely in Azure, this approach simplifies customer deployment.

A global IT services provider specializing in digital transformation

GAVS Technologies is a global IT services provider with a focus on AI-powered managed services, digital transformation, and blockchain technologies. A Microsoft partner since 2016, “GAVS has built up an impressive library of use cases and solutions in master data management, order to cash, and manufacturing areas,” said Kerrie Hoffman, Strategic Advisor, GAVS Technologies.

Blockchain supports fine-grained access controls, including the ability for individual customers to hold the keys to their data. Using a blockchain framework, GAVS wanted to build a master data management solution for enterprises, providing data security, ensuring privacy, and implementing workflows for real consumer consent management. The goal was to balance the benefit of building customer insights with the need to maintain compliance with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Using Microsoft Azure, GAVS removes obstacles to enterprise blockchain adoption

GAVS estimated that traditional development required at least 40 person months of effort, based on industry benchmarks. Building the solution entirely with Azure-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) components, GAVS achieved higher productivity and enabled its team to work anywhere without disruption.

Microsoft Power Apps, a low-code development platform, helped GAVS realize a 70-percent gain in development effort and a 60-percent decrease in time to market. By selecting PaaS components such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure Cosmos DB graph database, GAVS saves clients from having to buy and support additional hardware or software. Using this approach, GAVS speeds customization and implementation of a blockchain-based customer data platform. Using industry-standard data connectors, such as SQL and JSON, helps clients combine disparate data sources into a unified view.

“Implementing on a blockchain backbone powered by Azure, this solution not only satisfies the immediate needs of CCPA compliance, but in the long run takes the businesses towards Blockchain culture, whereby newer business models like tokens, zero knowledge proofs, and personification can be built,” said Srinivasan Sundara Rajan, Blockchain Practice Head at GAVS Technologies.

“Our patent-pending Rhodium platform forms the basis of customer data platforms and is developed using the Microsoft Power Apps low-code business application platform. This ensures that businesses can easily customize the base framework to their own needs, with a much faster time to market. The Azure Cosmos DB graph database ensures that all customer interactions are captured and linked, providing a 360-degree view.”

—Srinivasan Sundara Rajan, Blockchain Practice Head at GAVS Technologies

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