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Increasing involvement using an online portal

Elevating and empowering young women with cloud technology

A need for a new system

Girlguiding, a female-only youth organization based in the United Kingdom, needed to upgrade its aging IT infrastructure with a more modern and cost-effective platform. Additionally, Girlguiding desired an easy-to-use online portal for volunteers to manage their membership.

Safely migrating to the cloud

Incremental Group, a digital solutions company, successfully migrated Girlguiding’s data to the cloud, creating a centralized hub for information and securing it on a Dynamics-based platform. Using the cloud-based solution, Incremental Group was also able to implement a secure and compliant online portal for staff and volunteers to access key information.

Accelerating growth and opportunity

Using the Incremental Group solution and online portal, users at every level can now access information that was previously unavailable online. Girlguiding leaders have new ways to view and align member data to ensure roles are properly assigned while volunteers can browse through potential opportunities in the organization. Using the online portal, users of every kind can now manage their memberships from anywhere and on any device.

Incremental Group, a digital technology company founded in 2015, provides digital enterprise solutions and services throughout the United Kingdom. Working primarily with Microsoft Dynamics and leveraging Microsoft’s suite of intelligent cloud services and applications, Incremental Group drives solutions across non-profit, manufacturing, commercial, oil and gas, and public sectors.

Incremental Group has been a Microsoft partner since its inception, providing support for the entire Dynamics 365 services range. With its strong expertise in Dynamics, Incremental Group has earned gold partner status’ in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Center, Application Development, and Independent Software Vendor (ISV).

Creating opportunities for young women

Girlguiding, a guide association founded in 1910, is the United Kingdom’s largest female-only youth organization. With over 500,000 members and 100,000 volunteers, Girlguiding provides young women (ages 5 to 25 years old) with opportunities to embark on their own unique adventures. Activities Girlguiding offers include: camping, hiking, climbing, and boating across the world. The organization also hosts a number of international festivals focused on bringing its members together, festivals include singing, dancing, and camping related arts and crafts. Girlguiding also oversees deployment projects in greater Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia providing Girlguiding experiences in areas that aren’t equipped to own full-time chapters.

Last updating its system technology nine years prior, the process of upgrading, customizing, and securing its IT infrastructure was becoming an increasingly costly challenge. Additionally, Girlguiding desired a secure, compliant, and accessible online portal for its members and volunteers.

“Throughout the engagement the Girlguiding team were a pleasure to work with and their ‘be our best’ attitude was instrumental in delivering an extremely challenging project.”

— Rob Boyers, Principal Dynamics Consultant, Incremental Group

Blazing a secure new trail

Working directly with Girlguiding, Incremental Group invested an immense amount of time to understand how the organization is run. Based on the data collected in collaboration with Girlguiding, Incremental Group designed a new custom portal and membership platform based on Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Adxstudio, Power BI, Azure, and Bing Maps.

To move all the necessary information from the old legacy systems, Incremental Group migrated Girlguiding’s data to an Azure-based cloud environment. Using Power BI in the portal, data can now be intelligently filtered allowing volunteers access to membership enquiries and existing member data to update personal information.

By deploying Girlguiding’s systems into one easy-to-use unified data hub, commissioners now have a single point of access to valuable information around the organization.

Using the increased layers of security built into Dynamics 365, leadership and volunteers now have a safe and secure online portal members can use to access critical organizational information on any device and in any location.

The solution allows for advanced reporting capabilities that give members insight into the Girlguiding world, enabling better informed decision-making. New capabilities include identifying which units are over-subscribed, managing resourcing issues, and spotting potential opportunities.

Other benefits of the hub include simplified oversight of vital roles and qualifications of groups such as first aiders, while also allowing visibility into which members have earned length of service awards to ensure timely recognition.

Igniting new journeys

The new and improved portal has already been accessed by over 70,000 people and Girlguiding believes that the solution featuring a seamless onboarding process, has been an important driver for increasing memberships.

Volunteers are also seeing the benefits of managing their memberships through the portal as they can now browse potential opportunities and see what qualifications are needed to pursue new positions within the Girlguiding world.

“We now have a truly modern and up to date portal that’s completely aligned to our values and objectives. It’s one of our key assets that allow us to fully support our members and volunteers proactively and grow the organization.”

— Gary Hocking, Commercial, Property & IT Director, Girlguiding

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