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Discover the resources you need to develop your application and publish it on AppSource.

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Three simple ways to build your app

Take a look at this infographic to decide whether the Build, Extend, or Connect pattern is the best fit for you—then dive into the corresponding guide to learn how to build your application and publish it on AppSource.

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Build standalone business applications with the Power Platform to reduce costs and development time.

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Extend the functionality of a Dynamics 365 first-party business application.

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Connect existing web applications to first-party Dynamics 365 applications or the Power Platform.

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Connect with us

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ, and if you require additional guidance or support, schedule a consultation with our onboarding team.

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Develop your app with expert resources

Microsoft ISV Development Centers provide strong third-party technical enablement, business process development, and partner consulting services. Our development centers can help you grow your markets faster, keep up with customer demand, and ensure high satisfaction rates and increasing profitability.

Additional cloud partner resources

See what else the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program has in store.

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Get solutions tailored to your industry

With industry solution accelerators, partners and other solution providers can quickly build industry-vertical solutions. Accelerators for today’s top industries are available through AppSource with more industries coming soon.

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Monitor and manage your applications

With ISV Studio, you can access a consolidated cross-tenant view of all the applications you distribute to customers. Get started with ISV Studio pre-launch to prepare your application for success.

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Join the program

Ready to join the Business Applications ISV Connect Program? View the contract and submit your solution.

Access your go-to-market benefits to drive demand for your business application.