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Check Point case study

With Marketplace Rewards, longtime Microsoft partner builds on successes

A desire for greater solution exposure and more sales

Microsoft partner Check Point wanted to expand its co-sell opportunities, amplify the visibility of its solutions, and increase customer activity in the Azure Marketplace.

Microsoft Marketplace Rewards creates opportunities

Check Point promoted its marketplace offers through Marketplace Rewards benefits such as a webinar to Microsoft sellers and various co-marketing efforts.

Big numbers in awareness, lead conversion, and page visits

Check Point exceeded expectations via Marketplace Rewards, with 500+ customer webinar attendees, 50 percent-above-plan digital campaign lead conversion, and a 10 percent boost in page visits.

Check Point, a cybersecurity pioneer and decorated Microsoft partner

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. continuously pioneers cybersecurity technology. With more than 3,500 security experts, a world-acclaimed research and intelligence unit, and a broad ecosystem of business and technology partners, Check Point protects more than 100,000 organizations in 88 countries.

Check Point has been a Microsoft partner since the mid-1990s and has been recognized for numerous achievements, including Most Prolific Integration Partner at the Microsoft Security 20/20 awards and a Partner of the Year distinction at the 2020 Microsoft US Partner Awards. Check Point’s solutions, such as its CloudGuard Network Security, are available in the Azure Marketplace.

Beating expectations with big webinar turnouts and more marketplace page visits

For the past two years, Check Point has regularly met with a Marketplace Rewards engagement manager, who has collaborated with Check Point on partner benefits, such as Azure Marketplace listing optimizations, social promotions, and a spot in a Microsoft internal commercial marketplace newsletter. This has created opportunities for engagement with hundreds of Microsoft sellers, which has driven dozens of co-sell opportunities. Check Point is currently targeting double-digit year-over-year growth of its pay-as-you-go offerings, as well as increasing awareness of its offerings for enterprise customers looking to tap into the Microsoft Azure consumption commitment.

After a successful initial webinar in February 2020 and in the next month passing the threshold of $5 million in billed sales, Check Point was invited to co-present with two Azure experts from Microsoft. The result was impressive: 972 people registered for the webinar, and 578 attended live.

Concurrently, Check Point was executing a digital marketing campaign and added a full digital asset nurture stream, moving prospective customers through a well-defined nurture funnel, which ended at a Microsoft-Check Point special offer in the Azure Marketplace. Paid advertisements attracted leads to a landing page to download a co-branded Microsoft-Check Point top-of-funnel asset (“Introduction to Cloud Security Blueprint”). From there, leads flowed to a nurture stream that involved a customer story, video, and more. The results from this campaign were better than expected. Although the number of leads and cost per lead were close to Check Point's expectations, the conversion rate (number of leads per page view) was 50 percent higher than projected. Additionally, the number of page visits to the Azure Marketplace offering was 10 percent higher than forecast. As of March 15, page visits were up by 10.51 percent, to 20,550, and the unique visitors count was up by 18.58 percent, to 12,220.

“Microsoft and Check Point provide value that is better together—to augment and supplement different elements of our customers’ security environment. Delivering that message through the Marketplace Rewards program has helped us grow the revenue we attribute to Microsoft by 30 percent in FY21, and makes it easier for Check Point sellers every time they engage with Microsoft or its customers.”

—Erez Yarkoni, VP, Worldwide Sales Telco & Cloud, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

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